Emily In Paris Season 2: A Fashion Escapism..!!

  • -By Rayden

Yeah I know, after all the times you said how Crazy & Unrealistic the Show is, yet you Can Not Resist the smile & an Escape it brings with the Cheesiness & Cringes of last season that blew the show last year. Of course making Fashion the highlight followed by Cliche, Tired Joke, Stereotypes. Which got it’s fair share of Criticism & some got Rectified this season with each feedback it got. (Which is something really Appreciated when things are taken positively for better) The fact that the show didn’t include Covid as the Story line & Stayed to Self Centered Narration (of Emily & how she thinks everything revolve around her& how her reactions are the outcome of others Action) also justify the Fantasy of Paris where you could hardly imagine such thing as Covid ( which also makes sense of not interfering the content). This season also Focused on Correcting Old Mistakes & criticism by Addition of a new Character (Alfie) who Corrected things like the Black love interest ( by bringing representation considering the love interest Emily followed last season revolving around only white Men), De-romanticizing France Giving Actual Perspective of France, (real people, real problem, real things when you actually are living there). Apart from that other things were also rectified, like efforts taken by Emily to learn French, other characters speaking French even in the presence of Emily. Most importantly Giving a story to the side Characters although few missed the mark. Justifying Mindy’s casting ( for her mother is from Korea), Eliminating Social Media ( influencer vibe of Emily , which I believe they don’t have a solid thought of molding it with how things are going on with Socials, reducing that chaos). Giving a better perspective on Understanding French & American Culture & how things Are Done differently while respecting both Cultures instead of Framing America as right & France wrong Which was cleared for Emily as Well with her boss Madeleine’s arrival.  ( Consider it As French Revolution… : ) this season also brought new controversy by depicting Ukraine badly involving government of Ukraine to take actions on it. Along with only Hetro Couples & poor representation of Homo couples. Or when Mindy is Singing every Episode instead of Having a solid story or Continuation of romance is Boring, With her Dressed like a holiday to Vegas ( Could Have incorporated her Chineses essence, culture of sophistication but all we get is Couture pieces making no Sense for regular). The Fact the Emily Wearing All Crazy designer Stuff each day, I Mean Not getting the clear Idea on How she Manages to Afford it nor does she Have a sense of Knowledge on the Pieces to Begin with Quite Confusing Nor does she Justifies her Love for Fashion or why she does Things in certain Way. Moving on to the Unworthy prize which is one of he Aim of yhe show ( pretty much the Storyline too ) & neither Camille or Emily desire a guy like him he is just useless z& ungrateful looser. On An positive note Luc was quite impressive this season for we get to see his sweet , Philosophical side through the love of classic French cinema & depth he radiates.

Enough of the Review

….. Skiping to the Good Part….

Emily in Paris Moodboard

Each person has its own Style which evolved through the Seasons with the Changes & Depth the Characters life goes with Contrasting & Complementing here & there. ( Of course in Minimalistic/Costume (Emily, Greggory) ,Polished (Sylvie, Julian, Madeline), Fancy /Vegas( Mindy), Parisian (somehow bit ill tailored) (Camille, Pierre Cadott ), Normalish (Gabriele, Alfie )

Costume designers Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi took style to the next level in Season 2. “Emily has a strong personality, and we’ll keep her costumes just as strong this season. “Our advice: Keep colors simple (so they’re not competing with the patterns), but don’t be afraid to go crazy with different prints within your color scheme. Make an exact match with your hat, bag, or shoes for a look like no other. As far as Emily is concerned, the days of building an outfit around a single statement piece are long gone.” Fitoussi.
.”For Season Two, I decided my challenge would be to combine a couture piece, Dior or Balmain, with a young designer, with a vintage piece, with something you would find at a store like H&M or Zara,”
“Fashion is liquid and fashion…reflects the time,” says Field. “When we aired episode one, I heard over and over again that it was so much fun to watch Emily in Paris during the pandemic, and that it helped lift peoples’ spirits,” Field says. “That has made me happy, and so I hope the clothes this season continue to make our audience happy.

The Amount of crazy colour we receive throughout the show almost too fancy & unreal for France. ( which is Concern how/ who is interested in Such fashion Taste & how it will set trends). The idea of Going Maximalist is Quite something I liked Bout the show but Carving it to depth & Definition is something Expected, for it to truly be enjoyable. Enjoying youth fullness & having fun with Fashion (not making Sense) is Amazingly portraited with Few character while some looked like Actual kids.

These 3 Mood Board Are here to Guide You to Choose & Venture the Styles by escaping as Minimal Or Maximal……….


Sylvie is quite Sophisticated with the touch of sex, through the Transition of Sophisticated Boss in that tailored edge suits, moving to fun , relaxed Holiday Vibe, to the tailored Bohemian Romantic ease around young love (Erik DeGroot). Breaking the loud Monstrosity of Emily’s Crazy Colour Scheme & Clashing prints. The Designer Choice for her Are also impeccable, the French labels like Weinsanto and Leonard Paris, in addition to American celebrity-adored brands like Alaïa and Helmut Lang, Oscar De Larenta.etc… Truly Timeless & fashionable.

The Edgy Boss,

Structured With Textures : For The Powerful Look

One can Be Old But Still Look Young & fun without Going for Achromatic color Palate, If prints Are your Taste there are ways to balance it, Texture is your senses there is a variety to mix n Match it . And Sylvie is just the right match for you for your Elevated formals, Despite whichever body type you are ;……

Awesome Silhouettes of Formal Wear with Structure details to highlight your Shoulder ( for the Pear, Rectangle, Apple Body Type (these body types despite you’re size zero or Plus size) ), Necklines ( if you are bottom heavy or triangle shaped or curvy ) Waist highlight with out the belt ( for rectangle , Hourglass) Peplum ( for Rectangle , apple , triangle ) Flared, Aline ( for literally Every type, especially Plus sized Apple body type) The key to maintain a Direction (smooth) for the eye to follow.

Colour palate is Explored with bright hues of red, Achromatic, Jewel tones, Neon Pinks. for a more defined take one can experiment with the muted Hues or tones of Colurs, Following a monochrome look throughout (like 1,2), Adding a different pop of colour to break the hue & add a Focal point,( like 3,5.6) A step further for fashion lovers can be to add fabric details like Tux, Pleat etc. (like 3,4)

Prints & texture can be played by balancing what you want to keep the focal & then play along the lengths & layering.

Shoes are gone with jewel tones for random approach which is one fun thing to follow with this wardrobe.

Accesories with accents as statement pies or minimal charms

Soft Structured Boho,

Aiming Details : For The Chill, Organized Ones

Choosing Silhouette that are Bodycon (not too tight An Ease fit), Loose fit Shirt (Replacement for plane shirts), Skirts with Cutout Details ( better way to experiment as per your bossy type ), Light jackets. key is to keep it simple nothing dramatic detail, keep it strict n joys.

Color palate Black & white (can easily get busy n extra if print / motif is loud ) , Blacks ( with bodycon gives the illusion of looking Similar & if the dress have any Details will look great with the silhouette it creates ) , Nudes ( with textures , paneling , manipulation always incredible for experimental lovers ) Florescent Colored small motif ( best to break the stress to a elevated formal look ) Obviously An Electric Colour Belt /Bag is so Emily in Paris Look but done to perfection with Sylvie.

Details to be taken is Overall Printed dress Elongate you with Poise, Black & White, Beige, Grey look with Electric accessory will add an Fun serious element to your look,, Playing with similar Colour family will give depth to your look (also gives the impression of how fun you are &the knowledge of fashion ), Panels of different fabric if texture will Highlight you & the confidence it brings , small Motif of prints in vibrant colours are escapism with classic Coats & jackets light weighted

Custom editorial,

High Fashion Blast : For The Ones Who Know What To wear & Why?

This ones is For those Strict fashion girls who live & die Fashion, Silhouettes focusing Coat Style Dress, Tops, etc, Key detail Sharp Shoulders ( something not to do if you are Triangle Body type), Shrug with motifs , strategic prints, Paneled Dress, Suits, jumpsuits, Stripes a Better way to incorporate print without giving in that you are fun still maintaining the edge (catch ids same stripe played in size & placements. Sleeve lengths moves from statement to macramé or detailed still fitted.

the best look for me is the macramé sleeve detailed top & the Sash dress UUuOOoFF so Gorgeous & spicy I Mean !!!


No matter how much you criticize Emily’s looks but they sure are Joyful and Experimental. Colors from old Hollywood and abstract theme is utilized to play along with the ’60s, ’40s,70’s aesthetics. ( bring it back to fashion in a more dramatic way) following up with last season’s Go-Getter Influencer takes that Emily followed. Like last season Captured Audrey Hepburn look from Funny Face(black look on stairs), this season captured Charade and Two For The Road, for the Trip to Saint Tropez . With the coat, scarf, also following the same color palette of the movies. With the addition of weird Bucket hats although overdone each look, Gloves were used to promote the collaboration with Patricia& Seymour for the show. Outfit from last season too appeared on the show giving a good narration that her wardrobe is not hypothetical. It would be great to see her re-wearing her old looks like mix and match to make her wardrobe more functional and cohesive.

Old Hollywood

Interpretation of old Hollywood is growing immensely through last year But here Prada would really help for that matter as Emily Screams Prada Girl For the Show for Obvious reasons. The train look is quite replicated but the print makes it look cheaper. However if you want to go with this style it will work great with capsule pieces from Vintage brands where the importance should equally be paid to the accessories.

The Colour palate of Two For The Road, is impressive for her pool look which quite is practical with fun prints and plain center easily achievable only part to follow is right fit

Dress marks & misses the Mark for the silhouettes is simply beautiful but the print makes it too busy for the destination & yeah the hat to me looks just fine here.

Wallpaper Baby Through The Decade

Silhouettes From the 60’s The Ponchos (to amplify you easy Outfit), Mini Dresses (played along necklines , back detail , sleeves & hem quite versatile to go from day to night if chosen right fabric later accessorizing with jewelry n Jacket ), Boxy Crop Jackets ( this Courrege Vinyl Jacket so so impeccably interesting Z& one thing to greet into your Wardrobe for it will surely be Classic for the simplicity & taste ), Masive Collar ( if you don’t want to go over top with garment Exaggerated Collars are Your way to go ), Wallpaper Prints Colour Blocking, Sequences, Gloves , 70’s Blazer Plaid other ways to explore.

Sheer Love In Abstract World

The Only Awesome fashion about Emily’s look are the Sheer looks by Fendi ( Pink which got eaten up by Versace Dress) They are so damn interesting which should be taken forwards . One can Experiment Sheer shirts , coats, Shoes Keeping it the Main Focus in Colours of your Choice, Layering it with Different details of hem , Contrast Fabric will be Cherry on top.

Clashing Vintage Kid’s Journal

Well its not a typical Emily look if it doesn’t revolve around boots, skirts, crop tops, Blazer, vintage/designer accessory , Printed Bags Camera Phone case to pretty much Achieve this look clashing of warm& cool Colours Are The Key ,Print ion print size so big that it Scream SCREAM on your face, or so soft that look straight off kid’s wardrobe to look like a Picasso Painting .

Softer way to get here is by merging Vintage designer Pieces with subtle colors with out missing any of the signature pieces #BonjourCouture


What was not expected this season, was how poorly Camille is styled this season, Compared to last season she was so polished, edgy, clear in her fashion choice so very Parisian and Edgy. The shift to oversized, ill-fit style was more like clothes were wearing her taking away the sharpness and clearness of Camille. Although Camille is heartbroken and it needed to be portiat through her fashion moving it from Sharp Friendly to a more flowy feminine outfit to winning Gabriel back to moving on to Vengeful Ex with dark, jewel-toned, cuts would have been a much more interesting cohesion for her character. Instead, we receive Awesome Designer with ill fit and monochrome almost merging her in the background and almost disappearing her around Emily.

The French Suits

Adding Flare to the Bottoms Paired With Crop Broad Shoulders Or Accessorizing The Bright hue of Suit With French Hats & Fresh Make Up Going classic with Dior New look Style to Ease on Oversized Blazer Dress. Each of these look can be perfect for any occasion if chosen right fabrics

Merging with the background

Despite such Strong way Camille Had to reflect it with her Fashion she was Played Bad & let to merge in Background by muted colours & Beige around literally Everyone. But the Layering of Pieces Creating Peak boo element, or the abstract form of silhouette the top part is playing or the construction of trouser & length is really good & fresh. which pretty much is everyone’s style in some way or the other.

Though liked or unliked by people Season planned ahead, There’s hope to see it taking turn in its respective reasons. that brings to the “beautiful French Ending 🙂 “

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