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What’s High  Fashion Fey?

 ”High Fashion Fey’‘ just like the words say ‘‘giving an impression of vague unworldliness or mystery” emphasis on high fashion stuff in my perspective narrating you an overall insight into fashion and almost everything that relates to fashion, but in a way that decodes the meaning, playing with reasoning, BTS, evolution from brands to runway to icons to events to history to art to inspire and obviously some of my own future plans as we progress. Everything I post her is my opinion, if at all it hurts Anyone or there Feeling I’m sorry as that is ,has never been my intention.  

It’s a fun place where I share parts of my thought, creativity, time and learn to connect to an audience. High Fashion Fey takes you on an adventure in fields you want to get lost and enjoy. I believe you as my second family and close friend where we can share anything.

I hope you like my Curious, learning, experimental, fun side through my articles as am not just writing my thoughts but learning new things along with u each day. I try to keep it cool so anyone can sit, relax and enjoy despite you belong in fashion or not or at least enjoy something new while enjoying your day.

I’m assuming You landed on my site as my Articles have interested you, which if not I’m open to know your views anytime you want, I’ll really appreciate it I’m open for suggestions, connecting… 


Now let’s know me. 

I’m  “Nazmin” but I’ll prefer to call me “Rayden”.

I’m a Dweller from Mumbai.

 I recently graduated in Fashion  & The editor of  “High Fashion Fey” 

I’m a Libra which accidentally makes me indecisive almost most of the time like I was so confused between engineering and fashion as a career that for 2 years I did Engineering study, but fortunately I got back to fashion design at right time, it also changed me from being a strict introvert to now a very lil but in progress being Ambivert. Progressing to working backstage at fashion weeks for 6-7 seasons to presenting a collection at Bombay times fashion week in 2019 Oct. to attending fashion weeks to understanding fashion and its secrets to posting articles on Instagram which I got positive responses from industry people basically one thing leading to another. Excited about documenting making it a hobby to shoot my thoughts out. Is what making me open up to people somehow helping with my anxiety.

Apart from articles, you can explore & support some of my small ventures like my  Accessory store on socials which goes by the name ” ” links ( ) & my Art page on Social which goes by the name ” ” link ( ) . it really will be world to me, if things go well my brand launch in few years.

Thank you!