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Met Gala 2024 : Best Fashion On Theme, Slayed

Met Gala 2024 one of the Fashions biggest night, much greater than the Fashion week to say the least transformed the carpet into an exhibition both inside the Museum & on the carpet each respecting its theme ( exhibition theme as “Sleeping Beauties: reawakening fashion” & event theme “Garden of time” ) Garden of time inspired by J G Ballard’s book & Exhibits Display concept was supposed to work hand in hand with each other making the dress code limited to limitless theme & interpretations.

The Garden of time portraits vast options in terms of floral, times, technique, poetic, realistic, fairytale, survival, era, conserving, archive, preserving, elements, deteriorating, decaying aspect to be touched & played along as per personal taste. As usual Some delivered & some did not, Absolute lost on the basic concept for the night. Surprisingly, this year the met was divided into 3 parts the Exhibit , the Carpet, & AI . Well truth been said AI did great job at interpretation than most celebs could think of. Anyway moving on to …


Demi Moore & Harris Reed

It was such an incredible moment for Harris Reed to attend the Met Gala at the age of 27 with Vogue & dress Demi Moore in his brand. Both wore The look that was a Collab with Brad Goreski taking old wall papers that were soaked in & repurposed in the garment.

The idea brings the delicate & fragile unconventional material to another life. Just like a Flower bloom, live , die so amazing to bring this on the carpet. In terms of silhouette Demi’s look accentuates her curves with the floral placements braking the plainness back with arrows giving thorn vibe of a flower while Harris look more masculine & taking form as petal completing with head gear gives a touch to all the hats that are on display inside the met. Bravo on nailing the first met Harris reed.

Paloma Elsesser in H&M

Paloma Elsesser & H&M for the Met Gala is surprisingly Best fashion on theme The garden of time. For its Shocking to See H&M deliver look that looks Couture the way the Skirt High-low creates a Flora & the corset in rustic detail adorned with 3D flora a well executed on theme look.

Quannah Chasinghorse in H&M  

Quannah Chasighorse is someone I feel is consider underrated on the Met Gala ( but clearly she is the GOAT.) There has never been a Moment where she has not enlightened anyone not only with the look but also the thought behind it.. Literally a genius more people should take notes on how its done.

Another H&M look that looks similar to the Blue Gown that will be displayed in the met look’s stunning with the construction but the subtle details take the show away. The floral belt & accessories have Forget me not Alaskan floral that are rare & she herself has seen 5-10 in her lifetime. Awareness, fashion, understanding the assignment.

Those floral as motif to be the only decoration on the plain gown in beaded Style speaks how if one understands something will deliver it effortlessly.

Eiza Gonzalez in Del Core

Eliza Gonzalez represented her Mexican heritage in the Del Core Dress. The Layers of Chiffon that Constructs the Layers On the Bodices As if actual Flower ( inspired by the Pink Vanilla Orquidea, a native American Flower) cascading into a trailed length of more Petal layers is Soft but Detailed enough for the met gala..

The look was styled in Cartier jewel that represent the Green Fields (classic reference of the fields in painting from the renaissance). its in the details that makes the delicate look so put together topping that off with the make up that was inspired by beauty as Venus.

Lauren Sanchez Oscar de la renta

Lauren Sanchez wore this stunning Gown by Oscar de la renta that was customised from there recent collection. The mosaic of Glass in different shape & size is true piece of Art. Embodying the crystal & Garden aspect from the story Crating an Actual garden Mind-blown.

The Fact that Anna Wintor Can suggest people to Collab with Such brands knowing the Outcome will deliver but when it comes to herself she misses real bad is quite disappointing to say the least.

Rebecca Hall in Danielle Frankel

Rebecca Hall in Danielle Frankel & James Spectra were the only people that put Light on Palestine Without ruing fashion, Rebecca’ S look Inspired by Ophelia Painting, Fabric Printed in watercolor effect further painted in florals mimic the drenched look. Styled with Painted arms & Period Make Up is Ironically Fashion & Art.

Ophelia singing while Floating in a river just before she drowns. Based on Shakespeare’s Play. Out of her Mind In Grief, Ophelia Climbs the willow tree over hanging a broke to dangle from its branch, she starts Making garland of wild flower. A bough break beneath her& she lies in water singing as If unaware of the danger. The Painting depict details of flora & river while she is dying capturing the transition of her clothes in the process too. Stressing the pattern of growth & decay in natural ecosystem. Tying together on similar lines of the Theme The garden of time.

Ophelia’s death is also praised as one of the most poetic deaths in the Literature. Floating Flowers corresponds to the depiction of garland by Shakespeare. Also reflecting interests of Flower Language carries symbolic meaning. The Prominent of red Poppy represents Sleep & death. (With the things going on around the world)  

Rebecca Hall in Danielle Frankel met gala 2024
Rebecca Hall in Danielle Frankel met gala 2024

Emma Chamberlin in Jean Paul Gautier

Emma Chamberlin in Jean Paul Gautier was inspired by the Decaying in a dramatic Dark Twisted manner like the Nymph Played along with layers of Different Textiles. She did So good representing the dark side of nature. A concept that was truly fun & fashionable. The fact she was the only influencer invited is so calming.

Cynthia Erivo in Thom Browne

Cynthia Erivo in Thom Browne well Tailored look caches the attention for the detail, not the floral but the Insects for as the theme for the exhibit put lights on Sleeping beauties reawakening fashion the fact how insects & pest affect clothing can be drawn from the appliques of insects & petals on the look.

Bravo on the Details.


DAN LEVY in LOEWE Captures J G Ballard’s Garden of time in best way for Men’s. The Customized look from recent Loewe collection embodies beaded flowers that fades into the opaque black fabric. Similar to the part in the Story how after a time flowers are about to extinct as the time is running out.

Subtle Genius in Men’s Fashion At The Met Gala.

Jeremy Strong in Loro Piana

Jeremy Strong in Loro Piana was another men’s look that was Subtle but good. The Florals on the Lapel adds on to a modern men taste reimagining The Count from the Book. Revamping the Method Dressing.

Morgan Spectar in Willy Chavarria

Morgan Spectar in Willy Chavarria takes limelight dressed in red suit with red Poppy, ( Poppy represents sleep & death Considering the Situation in Palestine )Educates with fashion on bloodshed, war, genocide& more things that are going around the world Personally best dressed.

Morgan Spectar in Willy Chavarria met gala 2024
Morgan Spectar in Willy Chavarria met gala 2024

Mona Patel in Iris Van Harper 

Mona Patel in Iris Van Harper, the gown is actual representation of Fashion & technology The future of Fashion, captures the floral nature, structure, feel & the way she is carrying it is Chef Kiss.

Best fashion on theme for the Garden of time At net Gala 2024 has to be Mona Patel in Iris Van Harper, She has outdone Zendaya for sure.

Though styled by Law roach , the idea of KINETIC LACE PANNEL arm band glove thing blooming was Mona’s idea & for sure was breathtaking. flowers blooming & closing touched the topic if time through flowers like flowers blooming in garden. Mona captured Time through flowers as the Past & present. So Gorgeous for her first Met Gala Looking Forward for Many more,

Mona Patel in Iris Van Harper Met Gala 2024
Mona Patel in Iris Van Harper Met Gala 2024

Lewis Hamilton in Burberry

Lewis Hamilton in Burberry was a good choice considering the history of Burberry how it embodies the origin of Burberry around the same time . what was more interesting was Lewis look was quite plain but what elevated & stole the show was the fact the inspiration behind the look.

The look was inspired by the 18 ce gardener, who was back from Africa slaved & brought to Whales. Lights Black history along with importance of gardeners. A poem dedicated to the gardener inside the jacket sewn. Accessorized with thorn Cartier. Deep Dive on theme within theme Plus Fashion . Amazing.

Lewis Hamilton in Burberry met gala 2024
Lewis Hamilton in Burberry met gala 2024


TAYLOR RUSSELL in LOEWE gave a strong look with WOOD BODICE And flowers painted on it adding flowy skirt gives a soft , Devine feel on theme.

Some how if the corset was of real wood or something different to combine the look would have been nice but overall pretty.


Elle Fanning in BALMAIN channeled SLEEPING BEAUTY with the fairy tale touch. Looking like Glass statue in the Garden a concept of being fragile, Fashionable & sculptural.

Balmain has pretty much done impeccable job dressing the Celebs for the Met. the organza & resin dress that Elle is wearing is a true piece for its art, fashion n technology. the glass looking birds accessory inbuilt will always be iconic.

Elle Fanning in Balmain met gala 2024
Elle Fanning in Balmain met gala 2024

Wisdom Kaye in Robert wun

Wisdom Kaye choose Robert Wun for his first Met Gala & Man did it Nailed. Yes! The Bright Solid Red look Customized from the recent collection has the wear & tear detail on it which can be interpreted as the way once fabric is left to age will decay combining the look with the Hat which also matches the Dress accessorized with the Fabric flower is Beautiful & modern.

Met Gala need more Men Like Wisdom For Sure! 


Swarovski Girls Karlie Kloss, Giovanna Englebert, Imaan Hammam, Anok Yai & Irina Shayk

Swarovski First time to Dress Celebs for the Met, They Dressed The Super Models, an amazing presentation done by the Jewelry Brand (the fact that Jewels Crystal, beads, pearl etc ) Play an important part in making the look. The looks were good but too Safe in the campiness for met gala.

Each model Represented an Element Karle Kloss was one of the 4 season wearing corset that had crystal flowers in the tones of Pink. keeping it simple with the silhouette yet keeping crystal the star of the show.

Giovanna Englebert represented Nature. The CEO of the Brand.

Imaan Hammam represented the beautiful Sun in a 2 piece simple skirt but heavily jeweled top. Look beautiful & the fact that each look was quote from the book like her look representing the Sun that was always bright & Shined on the Kingdom was good & all but yet missed the drama.

Anok Yai represented as Water in the jumpsuit that had gradating jewels in Blue colour family. the way she looks stunning in it & the makeup .Chef kiss.

Irina Shayk represented the weather in clear crystal dress simple but all in the Craft & the hours it took in the making & delivering each look is how one should do the job while respecting couture & the event without compromising on the brand identity.

Ben Simmons in THOM BROWNE

Ben Simmons looked Dapper in the Custom couture Look from Thom Browne, A literal Representation of Garden & time making him among the Best Fashion on theme for the Garden on Time. He quite looks like the Time Keeper with the Bag lookin a Clock, Plaid merging with the black signature Brand Code & floral detail. Powerful as if Time himself came to visit.


Sabrina Harrison in Chris Habana was a Moment. I mean come on Time & surrealism can not be done better by anyone if not Salvador Dali. His Famous Painting of Time was Touched with the bodice & each Clock Melting AS the Time Is Running Keeping the colours Metallic Adding headgear & bag was so regal & well thought through. Stunning interpretation of time. Schiaparelli is Shaking.

SABRINA HARRISON in chris Habana met gala 2024
SABRINA HARRISON in chris Habana met gala 2024


Tyla In Balmain was surely a show stopper with performance, Fashion, Time. Tyla & Balmain the deadliest combo of the Met. Creating a look on textile that was unconventional, organza base that hade Sand & crystal shows how far fashion has come in time.

Though she was not able to move but that’s what is the beauty of Avant grade fashion Simple Silhouette letting everything else talk. speechless. That Hourglass was the subtle flex that was madness. A Queen Look.

Tyla in BALMAIN met gala 2024
Tyla in BALMAIN met gala 2024

Natasha Poonawalla in Margiela

Natasha Poonawalla in Margiela recent artistical collection was designed by John Galliano. John Galliano was the first to make her fall in love with fashion & influenced her creativity while growing up. They went for a journey with fragility of time.

The look was sculptured in most Avant Garde way by far for the night . white strapless bodycon dress with the jacket that was draped with layer of black Chiffon that were raw & disturbed delicately. A hat matching the same energy of the look and the shoes was custom made by Christian Louboutin for the look.

She Looked Like a Princess that was sleeping throughout the ages & when she wakes up her dress is transformed by moths, giving her a new look True magical. Yet again she was the maximalist and the IT girl of fashion who incorporated her take on sleeping beauties also by representing her wedding jewelry to glam the look up. Pleasure to see a proper Avant Garde look at the met Gala by Natasha Poonawalla.

Natasha Poonawalla in Margiela met 2024
Natasha Poonawalla in Margiela met 2024
Archive/ Vintage


Anna Wintour wore LOEWE Floral look for Met Gala, Groundbreaking! If you know you know. Jonathan Anderson reimagined look Based on Charles Fredrick worth tulip Holland days 1889 which is also on display was very hard to produce back in time. Due to the length of motif 3ft used a lot of fabric almost 31k jacquard loom. Well was that much richness caught on the look. Nah, to top it off she paired it with a white dress typical of her met style make the look blank in taste.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph Gap

Da’Vine Joy Randolph wore Gap which was designed by my fav Zac Posen. Met Gala without Zac is incomplete though we got only one look from him it was delivered to the Tea. Met exhibit will be showcasing looks from period and Of designer like Charles James and this look by Zac was just perfectly intricate and looks similar to the one that is on display. Fabric choice true to the brand in different hues was cool but needed some touch of repurpose or more depth but the silhouette & reference is perfection.

Kim Kardashian in Margiela

Kim Kardashian in MARGEILA as usual did not experiment with the silhouette. Giving the boring body-fit look. Either way Silver floral chainmail skirt by J Galliano’s, 1997 Christian Dior Fall collection. Pilled cardigan on silver corset was the Margiela way at the runways. Depicting cloth deterioration and aging. Again if anyone else would have worn it would have been interesting. the Struggle to balance in the Heel-less heel was fine too I mean Kim can do better I feel both here and standing on the right side of history but we choose none.

Kim Kardashian in Margiela met gala 2024
Kim Kardashian in Margiela met gala 2024

Colman Domingo Willy Chavarria

Coleman Domingo in WILLY Chavarria went back in time in memory of the men who rocked the Cape like Chadwick Bosman, Andre Leon. Mono chrome cape with wide with Calla lily flower. lighthearted.

Lana Del Ray in McQueen

Lana del Ray in McQueen went with the archive look from 2006 fall collection widows of Culloden. The collection was based on Scotland and England war, tartans, deer watchers and more.

Shaun McGraw went for his touch and edited the look for the Met gala. Changing the antlers in resin adding the net & highlighting the dress using brown stems that can be seen in gardens the Thorny native brown plants that are very important for the native pollinators they also help attract insects maintaining a balance and ecosystem.

Though the look had all these things the original look for Silhouette would have brought the right drama it needed.

Zendaya in John Galiano

ZENDAYA wore looks inspired and made by John Galliano. Law thought of him as the most influential person in fashion when he was young. That was clearly the highlights of the event . The fantasies that J Galiano created around his looks and his collection was brought to life

Based on the Christian Dior look by John Galliano in 1999 couture spring show. The gown was heavily shouts 1930s considering the straps and the sash. Grapes & Hummingbird can be considered as nature but represented different narration on the runway. Colour scheme weird but I quite like it. Overall had too much expectations from Zendaya but not bad.

Zendaya in John Galiano met gala 2024
Zendaya in John Galiano met gala 2024
Zendaya in John Galiano met gala 2024
Zendaya in John Galiano met gala 2024

Zendaya in Givenchy gown 1996 another historic look with an awesome headgear. Good to look at but not crazy iconic.

Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne

Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne was heavy on construction giving modern couture heavy graphic giving ecosystem where the look looked like metamorphosis ready to evolve. Apart from insane hour of making of floral applique if was utilized to highlight it in another way could have been interesting. Overall exciting look.

BARRY Keoghan in Burberry

Barry Keoghan in BURBERRY Channeled the Early BURBERRY gentleman in velvet and standard basic details. Giving the count vibe not disappointing with the hat. Fun and soothing men’s look came from him also giving wealth. 


CHARLIE XCX In Marni archive dress with her own twist the floor length Dress was made of patched work T-shirt a nod to Francesco Rosso signature mending ( visible stitched motive as well as a punk inspired reflection) also emphasizing on sleeping beauties reawakening fashion which aims to bring historical garments that are to be decay to be more and delicate to be own again back to Life through.

The idea was fragility as time goes on. T-shirt the most basic item and reimagined into something extravagant around it was truly genius. A white T-shirt reflect so many things so many style, classic, punk, comfortable, sexy, casual, High Fashion all at once. It’s peoples most priced item for the feeling that you never want to throw away. As time goes on t-shirt became more worn endings to decay was very poetically incorporated in fashion. 

Isabel Huppert in Balenciaga

Isabel Huppert in Balenciaga was a replication of Callot Soeurs This look was Isabella’s personal connection to the dress displayed at the met exhibition. It was worn by her great great grandmother Marthe Bertrand who is one of the sisters who founded Callot Soeurs in 1895.

The extravaganza that this dress holds describe how fashion was done in the olden times is what is so amazing the way every seam is utilized to create a line and the shape of the trail is so beautiful if you have to do a trail this is how a trailer is done.

Isabel Huppert in Balenciaga
Isabel Huppert in Balenciaga


CHLOE SEVIGNY in DILARA FINDIKOGLU took inspiration from sleeping beauties reawakening fashion. Similar look displayed at the exhibition that is laid flat and looks similar to the dress that she’s wearing.

The whole idea of the gown is the ages its been through making it so fragile that it is led flat even if it is move it can get damage. Impossible to be worn made the urge tothe recreation of that dress.

All details from corset, exposed destroyed ribs , bow Silhouette is on theme to say the Least at best.

Other liked looks

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy & Doja Cat in Vetements

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy met gala 2024
Kendall Jenner in Givenchy met gala 2024

Doja Cat in Vetements going for the concept of statue in the garden was like sleep walking knowing Di Petsa the brand yet you go with some other brand & wetting yourself to achieve the look lost opportunity.

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy Archive piece made by McQueen for 1999 Spring collection giving a Carnivorous Plant ready to attack its prey was presented on mannequin & never worn by anyone ever was interesting but blah for the theme. Too Simple as Usual.

Doja CAt in Vetements Met GAla 2024
Doja Cat in Vetements Met Gala 2024

Stray Kids in Tommy Hilfiger & Camila Cabello in Ludovic

Met Gala 2024 Stray Kids
Met Gala 2024 Stray Kids

Stray kids giving the Hoard approaching vibe as inspired by the book was nice but not anything incredible.

Camila Cabello carrying the rose Frozen in ice was also interesting reference to the time n flower detail again inspired by the book. Yet again plain on delivery.

Camila Cabello Met Gala 2024
Camila Cabello Met Gala 2024

Jamie in Loewe & Amelia Gray Undercover

Jamie in Loewe the look was awesome the way everything was beaded was not actual textile. But did not even touch the concept very uninspiring and waste of opportunity.

Amelia gray in undercover could have been interesting but felt boring as was too done prior Met from it being the cover look and also the whole point of the look was the wow element after the light goes off. Unfortunately felt boring.

Amelia Gray Undercover met gala 2024
Amelia Gray Undercover met gala 2024

Nicki Minaj in Marni & Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi

Nicki Minaj in Marni Met Gala 2024
Nicki Minaj in Marni Met Gala 2024

Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi was the talk of if not everywhere, but India went crazy on it. To be honest the way Anita Shroff, Alia, Sabyasachi described the look it was like each is describing it in a new way as if forcing the theme on the look. No doubt Alia looked pretty but wearing sari n forcing culture through it is unnecessary. Also don’t get the hype on Lengthening the palu And stuffing everything with embroidery and calling it Indian art in danger with modernity of west..

Nicki Minaj  took floral too seriously and was fun to look at.

Met gala 2024 Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi
Met gala 2024 Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi

Yeah, Finally that’s all for this years Best on Theme Look.

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