Met Gala 2023: In Honor of Karl Lagerfeld Is this Fashion?

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Karl Lagerfeld the Man in the fashion industry that was instantly recognizable from afar in his signature look well-groomed white ponytail, and his black uniform accessorized with sunglasses and gloves. A man of Renaissance who worked clockward, precision yet being a controversial figure loved by some for the genius he brought to fashion and hated by some for the things he said. This years theme for the Met Gala, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beautyfor the exhibition and dress code for Met Gala “In honor of Karl”. Karl the late Fashion Juggernaut with an indelible influence and controversial reputation all eyes were glued on the Red Carpet to see how the attendees interpret his complicated legacy.

The Ocean of Inspiration, looks, Memories, Originals to pick from through the timeline of Karl’s work at Balmain ( a place where it all started with the Wool Mark Price where her sketched the Yellow coat latter made by Pierre Balmain in 1954) Jean Patou ( where he was further understood Couture in the Atelier ), Chloe ( where he had his soft side creating Softer Feminine Looks, where he also created his first perfume for the Brand ), Fendi ( revolutionizing Fur, creating FF Logo Meaning Fun Fur elevating Luxury creating high fashion looks), Channel ( maintaining & keeping the Brand meaningful with the Changing youth doing things to the Brand that Coco Channel would Not think of doing, those mesmerizing runway set ups letting you off guard from the Grocery Store Shoe, the Beach, the Space Ship & many more.) to Karl Lagerfeld ( his own name sake brand where he used to gimmick himself, create style personal to him)

Getting inspired from a Personal memory, a look in time, creating a look with brands he was friends with adding a touch of genius of both brands, look Shading him, recreating a frame of his work in Photos, his most recent pieces, custom take, experimenting Karl’s uniform ( which would be straight forward cosplay take not personally I would wanted when there are so many Silhouette , Craft & meaning already in his work ), Choupette and celebs in randomly looks as usual, is what one was expect for the first Monday of May. This Years Host being Anna Wintor, along with Michelle Cole, Penelope Cruz, Roger Federer & Dua Lipa co Caring the prestigious Met Gala.

Lets get into the article, for what I feel are the best takes on In Honor Of Karl. Although all his life work was Summed Down to Black & white, Camelia , Pearls & tweed. yet Some took the Spot for respecting the theme & Playing with & breaking in to Something beautiful.

If You are not aware of Karl Lagerfeld & want to know About him do check the Video by Unstitched its A beautiful video that will take you through the time of Karl Lagerfeld.

Starting off with the Met Gala 2023 Red Carpet, Emmm…. felt kind a Miss! 🙁 what exactly was the concept for carpet the Beige with Red & Blue Lines. 100 % Sisal (strong thin thread made from leaves) woven in Alleppey hand-painted in US. The Focus was Sustainability which was cool but the Colurs & stroke felt flat for the Met & most look felt washed out with the Beige . A crisp Black Carpet or Geometric detail that was seen in Karl’s work in different brands with accent color would be a better or leveling up like his Runway shows at Chanel choice in my opinion.

Best of Fashion at the Met Gala in honor of Karl Lagerfeld

Jeremy Pope, Olivier Rousteing In Custom Balmain

It is impossible to imagine Met Gala without a trail moment. Jeremy Pope was the one who was incredible on the steps in Balmain Custom look featuring floral embroidered cape 10 meter long trail hand illustrated Karl Portrait, What makes it great is its a Reference to Karl Lagerfeld Label 2009 collection where karl made his own references along with the black & White Colour Palate what also is incredible is the wide V neck as these types of neckline are prominent in Karl’s work. Well Crafted Look to Honor the Man of the evening.

What Comes to my mind when I see Olivier’s Black Balmain look Fancying The “KARL WHO?” bag from channel 2009 is, Both Karl & Olivier had Balmain HistoryWe are both Balmain Boys” as Karl once Said. Karl starting his career from Balmain & Olivier Continuing to become the Creative Director after Karl left. There Such An Archive, Original Sketches, unfinished look but no we get is a all black look accessorized with Pearls if it wasn’t for the Bag it would be a much blank look coming from Olivier. Perhaps the Wool Mark coat or innovating the coat would also be a great idea. Just like Karl stated working at Balmain it was boring, outdated exactly the energy of Olivier’s look.

Sora Choi in Thom Brown & Anne Hathaway in Versace

Sora Choi walked the steps in the Thom Browne look that was also featured on the cover for Vogue for May Issue wore by Karl’s Muse Shalom Harlow. The two Piece Skirt Suit of tweed set layered with Gigantic deconstruct oversized drape is ironically advance piece by Thom not only it incorporated both brand identity but also is a look that celebrates couture to the fullest. The attention to detail that goes on the look from the Fit, cuts, camellia, chain along with the way proportions are highlighted both in Karl & Thom code. Personally the best look of the Met gala.

Anne Hathaway carried custom Versace effortlessly . An Impressive look by Donatella combining Channel & Versace that the brands share with the design Detail of silhouette ( narrow waist, Broad shoulder ) Sense of fun ( Chain detail, gold accents ) some times delivering look that are hard to differentiate like the time in 90’s when channel created a black dress with gold Chain detail that was So Versace or the time when Versace went for tweed Sets so Channel. The Point is, the fitted white tweed look reference Versace made is along the lines from the 90’s when Versace introduced the Super model era while the white reference the Bride of Channel closing the Couture Shows paired with motorcycle tweed jacket in matching tweed a time when channel had a collection dedicated to it. Details of Camelia Flower, Cut out hold together by the Versace Style Pins in gold & medusa button, some pins filled with Pearl, accessorized with matching Gloves is yet another point that shows how details can maker break a look , it’s insane that how well its presented. Along with Sora Choi Anne was the one who put effort to complete & serve a look head to toe paying attention to make up Shoe hair, the Camelia hair clip that she wore was an archive accessory ties up so nicely with the lookin subtle way.

Yet again so many runways Shoes So many Pieces that were only for Runway if was brought for the Evening would have been insane.

Grace Elizabeth in Christopher John Roger & Alton Maison in Karl Lagerfeld

Grace Elizabeth wore Christopher John Rodgers ( inspired by Fur coat insides) gown another look that was feature in Vogue for Karl Issue. This genius look was advance for not only it went for a beautiful palate of Pinks but was inspired by Karl’s Work at Fendi. This massive look that is well crafted with geometric places Strips of fabric in different shades of pink depicts the way geometry was used by Karl through Quilting, texturing, construction, embroidery Karl did at brands. Halter detail that Karl loved, (a segment at the Met also have Few halter styles on display). This look to me also looks Similar to the S/S 2018 Fendi Show that had prints of diagonal lines. True Design Brilliance.

Channel brides where flooding on the Met carpet which got boring to a point for the fact that there was so much to choose from yet it was focused on one thing. Alton Maison in Karl Lagerfeld Dressed as the Bride was Pure Iconic. Why? He was the first male model to walk for channel & channel shows used to Close with muses walking in Bride look. Alton was living that moment for the evening the interpretation of the memory was the best choice. Concept of sheer Jumpsuit creating leotard look is quite the detail that channel used to do, sheerness throughout except the leotard sleeves extending to gloves oversized show’s veil & the bouquet. Is how You Create A Channel Bride Moment. ATE! ..

Teyana Taylor in Thom Browne

Karl Cosplay was something so scared to see & wished not to happen. Teyanna Taylor in Thom Browne look took the details from Lagerfeld uniform & his Suit set giving Thom’s deconstructed moment turning out to be the masterpieces. Glasses Checked! Crisp high Collar with a Perfect black tie Checked! Well fitted Leotard style Suit in tweed Fabric deconstructed, Shoulders broad back cut out exposing the Back ( a detail Karl adored)waist looking narrow with the help of cut out detail, adding detail to the seams ( a detail that was prominently used by Karl as piping detail in contrast color) incorporating / well thought execution of both brands without taking personal style of wearer CHECKED! the detail of Subtle trail of tweet was Brilliant without bothering the fall of fabric was insane design genius. Highlighting the look with camellia in black is cherry on the look without trying to hard. Absolute!

Doja Cat in Oscar De Larenta & Jared Leto

It was no surprise to see someone to show up with Choupette or Reference her. Doja Cat was the best for Choupette concept & she Did Not Miss! The Custom Oscar De La Renta gown that she walk in to the Carpet handcrafted with feather depicting Choupettes Fur ( Somme how also incorporating edge of Fendi) Again in Karl’s Halter Reference& open Back front bodice elongating to form cat ear Hood ( genius without looking costume yet giving Couture at fullest) adorn with matching Jewels’ Ahh! Lavish choupette. Talk about completing a look . Seriously to be taken note by other on how to complete a look without giving blank answer ( ” I wanted to keep it youthful/ fresh/ modern) best Choupette for the Met Gala honored & Loved by Karl for Sure.

Showing up as Mascot Choupette was what I was expecting in my Nightmares’ to see on the Met. Only to see it on the Steps of Met by Jared Leto was something I was not expecting although I should have expected it from the way of pervious met gala that he somehow incorporate to bring heads as his Plus one got what I mean 🙂 anyways over all it was an interactive look but not met qualified with the term Couture. On Side note a Custom look by Schiaparelli 22 collection with fur & animal head replaced with Choupette would be rather interesting look I Feel. until next head Adios.

Cara Delevinge in Karl LagerFeld & Julia Garner in Gucci

Cara Delevinge who was a constant muse for Karl Lagerfeld also embodied Karl without crossing the fine line of cosplay. Deep Plunge Oversized Fit Shirt dress that she wore from Karl Lagerfeld looks like the late 20’s Silhouette detail with overflow of fabric at the waist that was seen in his early work with the trend of the time, paired with leg warmers Black & gloves with cut out detail sported by Karl completing the look in Ash platinum hair & smoky eyes did justice to High fashion Karl Look in her own Style.

Julia Garner attention to detail for Drapes & construction on halter styled gown made by Gucci for In Honor of Karl. A simple halter with high neck & Drape at the Center almost looking like a tie along with drama with Cape was Subtle not too iconic but the detail hits the hot iron shaping it into the master piece. Karl Lagerfeld would be so proud for this look.

Ava Max in Christian Siriano & Elle Fanning in Vivienne Westwood

Met Gala without an incredible Gown moment is unreal. Ava Max delivered in Christian Siriano White gown adorned with pearls on the top part of the Body the pearl imbedded off shoulder neckline creating a band well fitted gown with fluffy tulle trail, accessorized well with the matching pearl head band is the energy one need to carry if want to channel the Channel bride. The energy on this one is beautiful. overall Met worthy.

It was a touching moment Behind Elle Fanning Look created by Vivien Westwood, the Custom look was capturing the Time with Karl when Elle meet Karl at 2011 Fall Couture show it was after the Show Karl wanted her to be the part of Little Black Jacket book. She was 13 at the Time in a White dress Karl gave her a garland of Daisy flower to go with the look. Fast forward to the Met the look incorporated the channel, flowy element of Chloe with lace being the main focus styled with similar garland of daisy flower & bouquet. The A line gown is simple elevated with the delicate Laces framed well by the Short jacket. It is how you reference memories with creating Couture.

Bad Bunny & Simon Porte in Jacquemus

Simon Jacquemus First Met was Absolute ATE! ( really hope to see him for the next met , dressing more celebrities & delivering the way he did her, Amen!) Two birds were killed with one stone. Bad Bunny who is Jacqemus Muse was a smart choice for plus one. Both wore Custom Jacquemus this was another look inspired by a personal memory. Simon’s First memory of Karl was a TV commercial for Channel No.5 Perfume in 2004 stared by Nicole Kidman in a Simple black backless gown was the inspiration behind the concept both man carried backless suit ser accessorized by the necklace at the back took the men fashion and elevated the take of traditional suits in much modern manner. Instead of going black and white they complemented each other in black and white look. The 8 m stole that bad Bunny carried was A Moment done much better than any one emblished in camelia was a masterpiece of the iconic look somehow also reference to the fur from fendi the way Karl used to bring stole at runway collections. It’s great to see men taking interest in fashion hope it’s carried on.

Conar Gray in Balmain

Conar gray also channeled the Lagerfeld dressed in custom Balmain by Oliver was simple yet impactful. The achromatic look embellished with pearls and crystal took the basic silhouette transforming into youthful Karl. A crisp white High collar shirt paired with Black tail coat almost creating illusion of Deep plunge gown paired over white shirt. The smart highlight of lapels section was kind of node to the details done by Karl. Leather pants an boots similar to the ones Karl pull is how u take the basics & elevate them. Brooch right in the center of the collar , embellished fan ( a segment when Karl used to be seen carrying fan to hide himself from attention) his stylist surely put attention to details well. One of the best look as Karl.

Rihanna in Valentino & Asap Rocky in Gucci

Rihanna wore Custom Valentino look with the camelia reference that is taken from the vogue shoot the fitted fishtails gown in white channeling Chanel bride was for sure it even fitted well. All in all its a nice look but Rihanna has set her mark when it comes to Gala something that meant to her or something other than flower or bride or achromatic would have been fun and what was expecting but either way it Still is a nice met look.

On the contrary ASAP Rocky minimal look, an homage to a look that Karl was once seen styled as Street, in modern manner paired with denim was interesting though not interactive or innovative enough did brought the Presence of Karl walking the Runway with with Channel bride moment. A Complimentary duo with couture &history.

Diddy in June Ambrose & Jenna Ortega in Thom Browne

Diddy’s all black June Ambrose look in all black suit with pearl detailing, Cape with camellia flowers highlighted the street elements black designer’s have an impact of while displaying the bond between Karl and Andre Leon Talley. The way Karl used to design Cape looks for hime as friendship. Wow moment for men fashion nailed.

Jenna Ortega custom Thom Browne deconstructed blazer gown with high-low sense of style, embellished with gold chains and pearls. Was Wednesday and in honor of Karl appropriate. Deep dive with reference to his early work, n modern silhouette for the suit. Well executed.

Nicole Kidman & Naomi Campbell in Chanel

Nicole Kidman long time Muse for Karl who grew with his work, Seen his Evolution walked the met in her Archive look the she wore for the 2004 Chanel No. 5 Perfume the magnificent gown with the beautiful pink trail & cape still got the Same young energy of the olden times. Not only sentimental look but also a journey of how far the things have come. An impactful look for the Met.

Naomi Campbell again a long time Chanel muse went for an archive Chanel peach silver saree look from Chanel 2009 runway. while on the runway it was styled with a heart hair up do which would be a fun add on. It was interesting to see the Old Chanel muses to be spotted in Archival look , NOT JUST ANY ARCHIVAL look but the ones that had a different sense of Style pleasing eyes from the Blacks , Whites, & camellia that were flooding the steps.

Ashley Graham in Harris Reed and Anok Yai in Prabal Gurung

Ashely Graham in Harris Reed custom look was easy inspiration from channel Early 80’s late 90’s. The request by Ashely was respected to be made in 90’s channel pink since designer were not ready to create looks for her in any colour but black. Although look taken inspiration for Direct look the variations modernizing elements. Mermaid Silhouette exaugurated in ball effect contrasting in black & white, Fitting impeccably as moving upwards to the pleated Cowls held together with a bodice to die for again contrasting at the Cups & Sleeve almost /like an orbit also creating the beloved wide neckline that Karl carried. Exactly what was to be done for the met to me Harris Reed was the only Designer to understand the assignment & win it without compromising couture, brand identity or style.

Anok Yai in custom Prabal Gurung look is constructed in gold and silver ( to me this silhouette look referential to the new look era, also a time when Paris was having golden renaissance in fashion from Dior’s new look can be considered the it silhouette which is modernizes by Prabal ) the well fitted look captures Structure Couture through the opulence in couture emphasizing on the fabric the texture created by it & the Fringe ( a reference of Karl’s work how at Fendi used to work with techniques to create fabric similar to fur & the Tassels that was seen in most collection as the design details.) Only down fall of the look was the brown skirt that looked unnecessary & tacky rest well Done.

Maudea Patow in Chloe

Karl’s glamorous wit spinning on themes like Home supplies, Mechanics, Plumbing thought the 1980’s was the inspiration for the Custom Cut out look by the house embroidered by the same embroidered who made the Shirt look that has beaded arrow along the Sleeve & placket if the shirt emphasizing the directional sign on the motor way. it also pulled the proportion detail well for instance cut at the places were subtle n Chloe minimizing the Strong archival look in modern manner.

Olivia Wilde in Chloe

Firstly an impressive effort by team Chole for referencing Karl And honoring him for his past work at Chole. Bringing Archival original pieces to walk the Met steps. He also work there for around 28 years managing to give incredible looks through his soft side. Olivia Wilde wore custom look from 1983 s/s collection adding a fun spin through music and home appliances by Karl. The Cape style cutout detailed dress with embroidered gown and cuffs is a pieces of elegance still being timeless.

Venessa Kirby in Chloe

Venessa Kirby custom look by Chole from a/w 1984. The “brise” dress from “it’s a fast flowing collection” was also a detail on how Karl used to used such fun elements And give a thought through it on wider aspects like ” the shower is meant to send chills up the spine while turning back on fear I had enough of embellishments in real daily life what is truly worth diamonds? Running water.

Adut Akech in Caroline Herrera & Ashley park in Michael Kors

Adut Akech the modern day Karl muse who also deliver An impeccable look for the Vogue Cover Stepped the met in Caroline Herrera masterpiece. The Pearls, Slight drop waist, tiers in Black gather Style & white Camelia detail very channel mood board couture yes, well fitted & styles yes, but not hitting the mark since the look sported for the cover was much more effective for the met. Don’t get me wrong its really interesting look. for capturing Chanel house code.

Ashley Park wore Michael kors Fishnet Mess gown that was Motor sport inspired look with leather Gloves & metal chains. the simplicity of the look with emphasizing the fabric & the fit with the look almost looking referential to coco Chanel black look that she used to adorn with pearls & accessory is how it is executed with ourt looking too referenceable.

Allison William in Patou

Jean Patou was the First designer brand that Karl worked with & a place from where got the understanding of couture that he implied in his work. Patou &Allison worked on the Original look created by Karl for the House when the house needed him & customized it for the Met. Not to miss it was the only look from Patou ( would be so cool if could have more looks from the Brand. Though it looks quite simple the Silhouette, drapes Styling is quite capturing the Passed time in the frames. Glamour during the age with the pinch of original couture is what makes the look precious.

Dua Lipa in Chanel

Dua lipa brought Chanel bride moments to the met Gala in archive gown won by Claudia a long time Chanel Muse. Dua managed to make the look fall flat the way it is styled. Trying to make it look modern made it more bla the jacket and the hair duo that was originally walked on the runway would have kept the essence and energy of the look.

Cardi B in chen Peng and Emily blunt in Michael kors

Cardi B wore black and white gown that had camelia flowers embellished all over the skirt while the bodice fitting so beautifully along with white shirt and tie details paired with platinum blonde hair and hair band completing the look with black elbow high gloves just gave a feminine touch to karls uniform not an iconic iconic look but great met look with the design craft.

Emily blunt also went for a feminine Karl look in Michael kors the three piece black and white ensemble in leather pants, trails skirt and lace shirt with a black bow center with Camelia was like a mood board of fabrics. That touches to describe how Karl used to experiment and try to find different fabrics and techniques to incorporating is collection.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Kristen Stewart in Chanel 2014 Chanel cruise look was nice bring to the fact the Vibes of Chanel cruise Also this was quite a contravosial topic of the time with Cuba Port. She looked great but the hat too would have added to the look.

Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Pusha T in Thom Browne

Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Pusha T both gentle men wore Thom Browne deconstructed ensemble that were elevated with the tweed, construction and techniques again on Karl’s aromatic colour palette though surface level but pleasing to not have plain black & white Looks that are nothing but terrible mistake.

Michaela Cole in schiaparelli and Karlie Kloss in Loewe

Costume jewelry adding surreal parts like lips, Camelia flowers oversized pearls heavily gold fitted gown with a trail was a not to the serial aspect that called brought to growing in a feminine way it was overall a beautiful gold look.

Karlie Kloss in long black dress that had blood joule printed over it was a dress that was reference to Karls black dress heavily adorned with gold Chain A Look frequently seen sported by Coco Chanel Herself. the Blurred Lines was interesting touch of art in Loewe Fashion holding its Couture & Art firmly.

As always anna Wintor left nothing to say with zero effort to dress to respect the theme. Anything! literally anything after years of being close to the man of genius even though wore Chanel missed the mark in term of style & efforts. on contrary Olivia Wilde in Thom Browne finally found a way to be fashionable with out dressing’s old for her age the fringe detail Camelia n Black & white colour Palate Olivia’ look almost sums up the met 2023 with out doing much.

“his drawings was very spontaneous and almost in personal take but they were in truth extremely precise almost mathematical we couldn’t see it’s because we are not trained but his premiere’s new down to the millimeter what each line it was almost a secret code a language share between him and those premiers that only they could fully decipher the exhibition and feature work across all of the houses he works for he was a man who never believed that fashion are to be stayed in the museum he never really liked the concept of making it look dusty and old for him he never received something that was the past he was a forward moving person and always focused on future”- Hamish Bowles & yet We Still couldn’t understand the detail of his work & couldn’t interpret either.

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