Virgil Abloh Man Beyond Boundaries….

Born September 30th, 1980 Rockford Illinois outside Chicago. A Ghanaian – American who drew Inspiration from his Chicago Roots & Volta Region of his Ancestors. Virgil Was Youth Culture Personified, a Modern day Archivist who worked almost exclusively off His phones & iPad, taking inspiration from kids on Instagram as much as Impressionist artist. He leave Behind his Life & Career Legacy of Forward thinking, Independent Thoughts, Countless Collaborations & Homage. Teaching Everyone That ‘ One can & One Should ‘ Even though no one Recognize your Creditability, Because Soon enough they will be Following You. I truly find myself Privileged to be living through the time of Such Cool Personality to see first hand the growth , journey, transformation through the Industry. Infinite Strong ambition Guiding way For Young Generation to there Dreams. Virgil in his life Lived with many Profession which almost started with Getting Degree in Civil Engineering, Later in 2006 Receiving Master in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), It was when he enable to learn how to converge the field of Art & Design. During this time A building under Construction By Architect Rem Koolhaas Sparked the interest in Fashion & Design , while Writing Blogs on Fashion on The Brilliance showed his narration. The way he Evolved in front of our eyes left with no words.

One of the many ways Virgil Defined himself is through his Solo Art Exhibition, Streetwear, Album covers, Furniture Designs, Music Mixer, High Fashion Collabs, Special Projects, Websites, Guest Lectures, Stores, Interviews, Books, Magazine, Shoes, Dj, Art Installations, Puzzles etc.. He never stopped working, always breaking the boundaries. Spreading a feeling of Joy, Acceptance, Guiding anyone who needs it .His way of Studying an Element & giving it a different Narration or Changing the Surrounding around it to make the element its worthy throughout his work effortlessly showed the kkind of vision he beliefs in & Practices.

A Dive at the Timeline of Virgil, Archive if the things I really enjoy & learnt value from…

Ford Home:………

Virgil’s Love & Interest in Fashion grew in Streetwear from Emerging Streetwear Culture popularizing in early 10’s, To the Skateboard subcultures, Hip Hop Music, Graffiti leading him to Explore One of his Childhood Friend Chris Eathon mention they have Discovered SPRAY “CAN ART & BOMB THE SUBBURBS” during school & before they were experimenting with Art Forms. Some of Virgil’s tag include “CEASE 1” & “VERGE” which later showed in some of his design….

During studying he played Soccer, Sponsor Logos on Jersey raised his interest. During this time he would travel from his college in Chicago to America to shop at local Stores making connections in the community. It was when he had Discovered SPLAY ( A messaging board for the big names in the Industry.) Everyone could view the site but one could only post if the sites founder Samuel Spritzer accepted you. During College One of the Professor from his Architecture suggested him to not just use Adobe for Architecture but to experiment it to other things, that’s when hi started to make his earlier t Shirts Which he sold under Fort Home. The first T Shirt he made was An Edwardian Script As it was only font in Adobe he could copy at that time & a big X on the back if the shirt. He did few pop up shop for it but didn’t grew beyond circle of friends but caught attention of an important Person when his design was sent to Custom kings for prints, Don C visited to get some graphic t shirts that’s when he liked his design & quickly started o work with him In 2006 Virgil Skipped his Graduation to meet Monopoly (don C’s brother who managed Kanye at the time ) Shortly after was introduced to Kanye A start of great friend ship.

Kanye later introduced him to Kim Jones ( who recently won the tittle of Men’s wear designer at BFA ) in 2007. Kim was balancing Street & lux perfectly when it came to fashion which was admired by Virgil as he was also something he wanted to achieve. The Trio was working on a Project Called PASTEL. During this time Virgil had his first Collaboration along with Kanye with Japanese Designer Takisha Murakami for his Glow in the dark Merch (2008 Graduation Album)

Creative Director For Donda :………..

The Connection which grew as a Bond between Kanye & Virgil, Lead West to Hire Virgil as Th Art Director for Kanye’s (Donda Company, for Stage Design & Merchandising) The Company also employed Joe Perez, Matthew William, Justin Saunders, Samuel Ross, Jerry Lorenzo who created visuals for 2010 Album. With other projects include Yeezus & Cruel Summer.’ For ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Album, George Condo was choose by Virgil to develop a Series of art for the Cover, although final work were censored. Virgil also holds Grammy Nomination for, 2011 Kanye’s Album Package ‘Watch the Throne’ under Virgil’s Direction the cover was Designed by Riccardo Tisci (creative director of Givenchy At that Time )

Been Thrill :…………

Another Collab Venture in music Started Between Matthew William, Herron Preston & Justin Saunders was in London, a DJ collective of Host Parties transitioning to a brand. Massively inspired from Bootleg Culture (Unofficial Recordings sold without the Consent of those who holds the ight to the Music )Dripping Logo, Quick to form a cult as popularized by Famous artist . They were tired for partying in London for they didn’t like the music playing that’s when A piece Mathew wrote for Grails, brought there phones & laptop becoming DJ booths themselves. There Collective was given the name BEEN THRILLS, Mathew Describe it something that play along the line between internet music & rap culture after their gig in London to more appearance eventually leading its way to t shirt with the branding ,Bold, Graphics, Dripping logo & #. Limited pieces where made as got hyped by the popularity since worn by A listed Celebs like Rihanna, Asap Rock Etc … Also got backlashed for the heavy prizing & low Quality of Material to which it got Shut down 100 $ for laces.

Launching Pyrex Vision:…..

In 2009 through progress’s in Collab, raised interest of Virgil to get into Luxury Fashion, met Louise Wilson for a meeting who had a design program at CSM. To which she said, ” You Guys Are Idiot You Know More Than My Students, Why On Earth You Want To Go In Fashion School.”

Later Landing An internship At Fendi through Kanye. for which he was paid 500$ a month alongside Kanye. Further Branching into a valuable connection with Michael Burke executive director of Fendi During the time. December 2012, “Youth Always Wins” Another of his experiment in Streetwear nothing serious “It Was a 10 Min Film i wanted to make and I needed clothing to support this idea of a team with no sport i was very intent of stopping it before it really got stated “-Virgil.

The name came from the stigma that people from his home town Chicago can only make it by Selling Drugs or by Playing Basket Ball. That the reason why the name of the Brand is Pyrex, (Pyrex a vessel use to make Drugs) & The Number 23 is the reference back to Jersey worn by Michael Jordan During his Legendary Run with Chicago Bulls.

This Streetwear Boutique, with the idea of First buying vintage shirts that have never been worn before called deadstock by Ralph Lauren in 40 dollar a piece screen printing Pyrex Vision onto it & selling it to 500$. was a pretty genius Strategy. Although the experiment had to be shut down in a year for many reasons like Fashion Blogger calling him out for selling at insane high price, which to its surprise was selling great among the youth as it was statement piece which was liked by lot & then Pyrex the Cook wear company suing it for the similarity in name.

This experiment gave a perfect understanding or a layout to say on how to go about a Brand, The Business model goes as as Follows:

1)Purchase Cheap Blanks.

(2) Make blanks easily Recognizable.

(3) Get influential people to wear your clothes.

(4) sell limited piece for high price.

(5) profit.

Launch Of Off White:………..

Around 2013, Fashion industry was going through a transition period with Luxury taking Streetwear was getting Popular. The work of Nicholas G Autumn 2012 for Balenciaga blending Puck Rock Street Graphics was Something that greatly inspired Virgil with tailoring one might expect traditional high fashion. This was when Virgil found his opportunity & reached out to Marcela Berlong for help ne of the founders of new guard group An Italian Company that in fashion production & distribution managing to make headquarter as Milan for Off white for one of the capital send message straight that off white to be a true designer brand. not just something Street. Although it Incorporated Elements from Pyrex Vision Like Colligate Lettering, Graphics on Tee’s. New elements such as arrows, Quotation Marks, Under Construction Diagonal stripes gave a new direction. Making the brand more than a brand, By having its own Language & an Ecosystem. Encompassing Fashion, art, architecture, Music & more.

Though in Earlier stage Virgil din mind knock Off Copy of his Creation to be sold, As it was important for him that people were wearing Off white. Later in time a Multimillion Lawsuit was Filed Against Counterfeits due to Decrease in Off white profit against wish for 2 Million Dollar per Infrastructure which if granted will settle. With Off-white gaining popularity, new stores were opening around the world. Virgil also progressed in Dj under the name Flat White. Releasing its Yellow belt (which also have a vow tutorial on YouTube on how to use it ,(PRETTY INSANE).

Louis Vuittion:…………….

2018 Kim jones announced he will be leaving his role as creative Director of Louis Vuitton. The Harvard lecture Oct 26th, 2017 rushing the lec from airport same day as he was in Newyork finishing his slide on air plane LVMH american headquarter to sign next men wear director at L v 2 month before kim original announcement 5 month before Virgil taking his place label history inspired Kim nothing new his supreme lv collection was his way of saying future of highfashion is street wear wearing Jordan for his last show a sign
Paris Highest paid fashion designer, along with black designer Oswald Boateng for Sioban menswear ,Oliver Rouestling 2011

first collection , Palae Royal France rainbow collection luggage n accessories wizard of Oz black & white to Rainbow

Figure of Speech

“Figure of Speech” Is Virgil Life work Launched in 2019, Holds Virgil’s Archival Images never Seen before Covering An In-depth Inspiration of his Work. The book Along with the cover is quite iconic the way Virgil is holding a copy of the book, depicts the way he has already gone through his work n will move on to further.

An Accompanying Art exhibition At Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, An first Museum exhibition dedicated to artist/ Designer with the Art work through out his Career, along with Prototypes & Installations

” For me,’ Figure of Speech’ is an art exhibition rooted in advertising & ‘ THe Projected Image .” Any time an Idea takes shape on a particular surface – A photo print, a Screen, a Billboard, or Canvas- it becomes real. The exhibition demonstrates how i Wrestle with this concept freed from any one medium, looking for personal & specific solution.”


Virgil’s architectural side is heavily seen with the collaboration with the Swedish Furniture Brand “IKEA” Limited Edition Capsule ” takes minimalistic designs & built on them with the Artistic reference & subversive elements typical of Virgil’s work. Everyday essentials from chair, clocks elevated with unexpected twist, oversized, deconstruction. Distinct style , collaboration post modern


The Ten- Reimagining 10 Sneakers o 20th CE. Virgil deconstructed each pair in a Distinct manner. Creating a Successful Collab which got sold Immediately, & resold many times way higher than original price. An Epitome of Youth Culture. This brought Virgil in spot light for more Sneaker Collab’s. Later on the Shoe Collab Grew to other Collab’s like Addition of Active wear, Additional sneakers models. still making The Ten most iconic Sneaker staple of al Time

Mercedes Benz collab..

‘ Project Gelandewagen’

A Collab between German Car Company Based on Marque’s Famous G- Series SUV “the G wagon’. this Collab included his Deconstruction nature making it weathered race car. raising Controversy on who is is it for or calling it hot mess Getting defended as interesting & engaging

Quotes By Virgil, That Connects To Me

“You Can Do It Too”

” You Know Who I’m Inspired By? That Kid That Hasn’t Had The Chance To Showcase Their Brand Yet. Those Kids Motivate The Work I Do Everyday. That’s The Muse Of Me; The Next Generation. And I Want To Inspire People Like Them”

“Everything I Do Is For The 17yr Old Version Of Myself”

” Life Is Too Short You Can’t Waste Even A Single Day Subscribing To What Someone Thinks You Can Do Versus Knowing What You Can Do”

“In Some Ways, My Life Has Been ! Big Performance Art Project, Its Not Me At The Centre Stage But Rather Suggesting Ideas, Working On Them With The World & Watching The Response – Using The Mood & Feel To Influence & Infect New Ideas.”

” I Feel Like I’m Figuring Things Out. But I Don’t Feel Accomplished Yet. I Still Feel Like I’m An Intern.”


In Memories

Final Tribute was Paid to Virgil by louis Vuitton With his final Collection in Miami in Accordance to his Wishes, ” Virgil was Here”. Which outlooked his Work & creativity the location similar to one of his store with random trees depicting trees inside his shoemaking his work more artistic. the Show had models’ walking as the show started with the recording of Virgil & ended with Crackers lighting the sky as the voice reverberated in the darkness ‘ THERE IS No LIMIT ‘. Life is so short that you cant waste even a single day Subscribing to what someone thinks you can do, verses knowing what you can do.

Los Angeles, NY & Miami hold Billboards in honor for Virgil, Off white store were flooded with Flowers, Notes, Remembrances, emotions. with Attendees watching front row his Project coming to life, Vibrant & Youthful with almost everything.

To me His Virtual Vocabulary will be heavily missed.

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