Max Zara Sterck Design Ethos Is All Future of Minimalism, Responsible Fashion, Art & More…!! London Fashion Week S/S 2021

Max Zara Sterck Amsterdam – London Based Luxury Women’s Wear Designer, Who Graduated from Artez University of Arnhem in 2015. Eventually Gaining experience from the industry experts from brands like J W Anderson, La Perla, & one of my All Time Fav Alexander McQueen. During her work at these brands she kept her designer side experimenting & finding her Own Self by creating project on side by Collaborating with Dancer & Textile companies. One of her Collab with Paris Based Textile Developers in Duo Textile, An Environment Friendly fabric which Response well to Movement Reflecting the Dynamic Lifestyle of the Weave Stain & Sweat Resistant Innovation. For which they have together achieved GOTS certificate for an organic black n white cotton fabric high quality responsible production.

Finally finding her style as , Artistic & Durable for The Women, who ‘Desire Comfort pieces Don’t Compromise Elegance.’ Dance” is one of the Mani Means of Expression through out her Collections. Expressed in terms of Design by Diagonal Silhouette that defies Rigid Lines, Patterns Cut in such a way that makes Precious Seams, Powerful in Attitude is the Harmony. Although Colour Pallet is Restricted to Achromatic, the Black & whites Does Justifies the Clear thoughts of Clear Lines, Quality, Movement, Drapes, Power seamlessly narrating the thoughts ….

Fabric is paid Understanding & only then Applying it in such a way where the Fabric Becomes the Voice of the Body.( which not many designers can pull off easily, as it need great Sense & understanding ). Bodies are celebrated in such a way that Any Piece can Flatter every Body Type ( Also,a variety in Modest & edgy Pieces from which one can choose as per there own Style, Which also can harmonies with not only a Capsule Wardrobe but also with Trends)… Genius…!!

Max Zara Sterck

London Fashion Week S/S 2021 Collection ….

Max Zara Sterck Opened London Fashion Week S/S 2021, As a Part of Discovery Lab by British Fashion Council on 17th Sept, 2021at 10:00 Am.

” She Is Your Second Skin”

The Collection opened as a Digital Film.

” Do you know Your Body ? are You sure? Come a lil Closer, Touch her. Feel Her. Your body wants to tell you something & speak up Do you listen , silently & speak up .Do you listen silently ,Profoundly? what does your body express now? what dose it want to express now How does your body fully express? I am ready to express.”– Max Zara Streck

The Film Opened with Screen Divided in beautiful Black & White. Dancer/Model Beautifully stood in the White side breaking the contrast in such a beautiful way Bringing curiosity & engagement to see what’s coming next. This single image gave a lot to take-in from the strokes’, to the drapes, to tailored to strategic skin showing (Also, the way the back is highlighted is so mesmerizing ). As the film commence there are close up shots emphasizing the details to models Dancing to models walking perfectly justifying her essence of movement (Concept from her previous collection too) & how beautiful not only the fabric looks & changes but also every time it change it narrates a powerful story through the one wearing it …(m Sold)

Opening of Max Zara Streck London S/s 2021 .
The collection was pretty small yet impactful incorporating different styles.

Dress Gowns Max Zara Streck

Starting of with those Dress Gown……

The Diagonal Construction allows the fabric to takes the form of body perfectly embodying Second Skin aspect ,giving it a perfect fall to glide, move as the body moves. Cuts at the Chest (bring ease to strategic balance), Hip (highlighting the epicenter if movement harmonizing the focal point ) ,Waist ( incorporating geometry as a way to create shapes on body ) way makes it cool is the fact that any curvy body can wear it & it will still highlight it without looking different from the original design. Drapes are just balancing the dangerously beautiful tailored cuts by giving lightness o the places where the cuts are too daring to taking center of harmony by molding into the shapes. As Carved from Marble.

Sets Max Zara Streck

The 2 Pies Set:

Diagonal skirt with a straight fit look so expensive for the fabric & fit again the slant waist creating drama at the hip highlighting the subtleness of the skirt when applied movement to the bandage bandeau top is quite cool for it highlights the look creating texture & dimension most importantly the lines going Chris cross giving depth to the chest making it look more flattering its such a great look to ne as it can create statement without even trying hard will work perfect for almost any & every occasion.

The black look, with the trouser shows versatility with the style if that bandeau top. The variation of the style as an halter with the help of string & separated bandage placements is definitely to be rocked on the carpets for the ones who want to experiment some thing new,simply by not even trying it too hard.

the Jumpsuits Max Zara streck

The Jumpsuit Set

Modern taste of Jumpsuits is captured quite Professionally that it depicts Greek moldings yet So Comfortable & edgy & Professional Coming from a young Brand.

What excites me about these 2 looks is that some how they kinda represents (I can visualize,) Female body of 20’s may be due to the way how the Flapper style dresses used to be (sleeveless & variant in length very very minimal ) whereas the Black look reminiscing female body of modern Hourglass achieved by playing with proportions ….

Here’s the thing the Colour though restricted to acromia but the vision in terms of simplicity tailoring &Drapes that feels continuous taking form of a Shape or draping up to crate texture ,layers pure Genius……….

The Dress Max Zara streck

The Dress...

When Looking at Max’s Dresses it looks like Fresh off the Dress Form in A crisp way. the finishing of the details from Diagonal Construction to the contrast of lighter fabric which goes back and Forth commencing into a subtle tailored though the black dress feels lil odd to me with the one sided shoulder not just her but like any where as it takes away the sophisticated-ness in any look with hat wide shoulder as it don’t really flatter most looks n bodies & the grey fabric popping is cool but with the drapes is not narrating good ..

Although , the white one is a clear winner to me for it being a classic silhouette & the way panels & stich lines not only creating texture but also creating a form which happens in the early stage of creating a look by pinning it to the dress form brings that rawness to it toping it off with the Skirt that look inspired from ancient culture stared to drape on Hip :)Bouncing fluidly with Movement ..

As She is you Second Skin !!

The edge

I MEAN !! You have to see these piece in Movement !!

Such a powerful Looks with the Sharp shoulders giving/defining your personality. Overlaps Creating a different dimension, Concealed so nicely (perfect to hide Important Document). elevating & Showing of the endogenous aspect from her style staying true to the the Cuts & cascades on the trouser ..

No words can explain the simplicity , timelessness & modern edge.

The collection & the Brand as a whole is quite impactful not only for the amalgamation of Movement (intangible) & incorporating it with Body (tangible), which she discovered while observing people in motion of how movement of hip impact a piece on how it look. Therefore all of her loop have a focal point at hip to celebrate the key body part. Of course movement is enforced With the help of drapes. Throughout each of her Collections is a key.

Though the Focus was on Clothes ,I wish The Looks Could have made complete by pairing it with Shoes & some of her signature Accessories, As it would have incorporated more beautifully.

Collection Achieve …

Archive if some of her Looks from Previous Collection in descending Order

Pareidolia Previous Collection at London fashion week

Which from her show note go like…“pareidolia” a Tendency for people to “Incorrectly” perceive a stimulus as An Object, Pattern, Meaning known to observe.

Eg: Picturing Images in Clouds.

Celebrating Human Imagination & Portraying female bodies. Is quite Constant throughout her start. Which started when she was kid She would Sketch a croqui & then she used to imagine & create a garment from lil things like plastic bottle, candy wraper……… Whereas, now she has grown to abstract interpretation using lines, shape that could form garment by developing it on mannequin or directly on the model.

Movipdance ss21

A Capsule collection where focus on hip started to build up, again the palate is Achromatic defines the Silhouette without taking away the subtlety

corps’12 Exhibit at Kergallerierie 2017, at Fas Des Fest

Personally this one is my favorite for the love I Have for accessory n Garments. The intersection between Art , Design , Architecture, Fashion is Mouthful, The Variation of pieces from the belts, harness, Sculpted skirt, belts so modern & the craft is so well done. The pop of colour Adding Accent to the palleted is just the right amount of ease one need to look that cool.

One of her first collection where she was experimental with her thoughts & direction a whole different perspective in term of silhouette. I would also love these silhouette in her future collection

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