Met Gala 2021: Is Influence Taking Over Prime Heritage Of Met….?

by Rayden

The Fundraising event for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York returned from the Hiatus to Celebrate ‘America’. Themed ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’, which expected the guest to match a certain theme of the Costume Institutes annual exhibition that was American independence. Which I feel could have taken seriously considering the Rich Culture, Heritage, Art, Emergency, Politics, Change that America have brought to the world etc,.. a lil more. Instead we got a remix of last minute red-carpet arrival & Hollywood glam Halloween party from some attendees. Although this year celebrated wide diversity in representation of young , emerging ,people of colour, real designer were celebrate along with wide range of genre attendees from different part of industry.

What’s More About The Met…..?

Although Met Gala Takes place on First Monday of May Due to The Pandemic its took place on 13th September 2021 for the first time in many years (2004 when met used to take place in November, changing to first Monday of may from 2005). Met this year is Divided into 2 part : (1) ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’ celebrating American independence, Occupying Separate rooms radiating emotions ,vibes like Rebellion, Joy etc…as mention by Vogue. (2) In America: An Anthology of Fashion which will take place next year in may focusing on Fashion …..well hopefully 🙂

Met Is Incomplete Without Host & Co-host ….

Announcement of the host made around early this May had Created a generous buzz among Youth & Gen-Z. Well which I guess was a Smart was to connect younger audience to the art & importance of the exhibition. This year had less attendees compared to previous year, also this year was Influence oriented with Tik-Tokkers for Which received criticisms for disrespecting the value of the prestigious event although making accessibility for such people (A SAD SIGH….) & Youth oriented as co-host by Gen-Z’s Amanda Gorman (23 inaugural poet), Timothee Chalmette (25, Actor), Niamo Osaka(Tennis Champion & health Activist) & Billie Eillish (19, Singer), Alongside Honorary Chairs Anna Wintor, Adam Mosseri & Tom Ford.
Live streamed by Vogue.

Looks That That Almost Tried ….

Although You Can Check An In-depth Review of the looks which were best & understood the assignment to the point in my next article under Art & LifeStyle Section ….hope you’ll Enjoy

– Rayden :))

Worst Dressed

Rihanna in Balenciaga missing her mark

Rihanna is the one who have Set the Bar so high for herself year after year that this years Balenciaga feels Flat As if Planned last minuet to showing up. the silhouette in my opinion could be consider as a couture variation of sport jacket with scrunched collar cascading down to fishtail skirt ….creatively the fabric feel cheap with all the wrinkles & the lose fit which feel rather ill fit. Other looks other looks from the same collection or of her Fenty design would be something much more meaningful & would give a whole new story. some how needed editing with the accessory.

Chance the Rapper In Custom Ralph Lauren representative of his Chicago roots that was patched as collage over his Suit look was fine but Boring,he should have incorporated some Fun to the look…

Chance the Rapper don’t want to leave black suit
Kim Petra revisiting camp as American / farm girl,,…

Kim Petra definitely covered the farm girl Vibe in a Camp theme…

Chole & Hailey wanted to capture the sisterly love to celebrate designer who share the similar bond opting for Rodarte which is run by Kate & Laura representing same energy yet again like other celebs not worthy for met quite flat.

Chole & Hailey Sis perfect..
Timhotee Ft Sloppiness

The only thing that screamed lexicon was the Converse & the only thing best bout the look was the Converse which also was the worst….Poor Tim wearing Awesome designer may it be Haider missed badly with the fit & bad styling ….

Definitely how Gender Fluidity is a thing of now was worth but should be celebrated in better designer choice

Troy Comfortable as Hell while Rick boots stealing the Show
Yara Shahidi As an Icon

Presence of Josephine Barker (Activist 7 Artist from late 1951) who wore similar dress at the Met was captured in an Glamorous way by Yara Shahidi. Customized by Dior Embellishment getting more subtle & finer keeping the Classic neckline of the era & glamming it up with 50’s Crystal was the trail put to make it look Gigantic or statement coz its not really doing nothing at all….

Simone in 88 pound Area gives me a modern take on Statue of Liberty but not exactly what they were going for it’s not doing anything other than the fact of how breath taking this gown actually is With details, artists visions, creating a Silhouette in modernization of fabric, techniques, ….also making a valid point to see the strength of how strong she really is carrying this monstrous weight of the gown ..

Simone in 88 pound Area
Stella Dressed them American Flag
Ella Emhoff in Stella McCartney

Julia Garner in Custom Stella McCartney

Niaa Dennis in Stella McCartney

This trio did a separate yet together look this is how you Coordinate …despite being okay in terms of fashion…

Ella The activist in Bright red that Highlighted her details through the sheerness &opacity was nothing over top but not boring either targeting the coolness of younger target what was interesting was the shoe.

Julia in white Crystaline sheer dress was also okay nit alone though …

Niaa the Gymnast in jumpsuit & dress was very functional to the performance to joining them apart from that it just look…..

Serena William in Gucci, I mean why did Gucci Did this to her why not celebrated her am I asking for too much…? Camp was last to Last year….Why was Mugler or Margeila not opted if jumpsuit was what she wanted to go for ..?

Gucci ruined Serina’s moment
Chucky returns to the Met with Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean was rather a Fad interpretation as I feel he was channeling the impact of America on the World in terms of trends settings May it be from certain Movie, Sport, Politics, etc… May it be among teens, kids or adults America is always an influence…

Showcasing previously from the Buzz cut green hair to Street and athletic outfit to the prop he was carrying which he mentioned in the interview with Keke that it’s about Movie, Music inspired ….so I feel it’s quiet appreciating….

Kerby wearing Pyer Moss in that Rich Red was rather great As we can see the fit it fit him so Darn great. It is a general suit look what Men go for but what really makes it count is the subtle vest that’s layered on top of that suit which is so phenomenally finished along with that that crisp white shirt peeking just about right in right places that fine neck accessory.

Balancing American street n executive in rather tailored finish the Shoes to are Highlight for me …!

Kerby In Pyer (no better self branding, Beiber takes notes…)

Emma Looking great in Vuittion (editorial at Met )

A stunning dress by Louis Vuitton on Emma Chamberlain doing wonders With embellishment and geometric cuts perfect for her petite frame but nothing is gained with the theme here…..On side note the one’s hater her presence at Met is weird coz she deserved this spot way before for the way she is what is Today her journey from YouTube ,her fashion journey everything so thanks for having her there…


Gabriella Union In IVH Met appreciated but theme doing nothing in favour…need a context here…. overall looking gorgeous…

Gabriella Union in Iris Van Harper

Wasn’t expecting this look from Olivia like Y..? She is soo good With the whole Y2k things she does in fact popularised it in such a awesome way was expecting her to show up in vintages look’s May it be Tom Ford or Ralph or Cowan or John Rogers or even thrift some how making it Met worthy but what We get is Saint Laurent Y Did the Stylist do this to her… 🙁

Olivia eaten up by YSL

Collision of 2 different art project by Shawn & Kamila

Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello both in Micheal Kors recent collection…

Here’s the thing if you goanna walk the carpet alongside someone ……

(1) Make sure to coordinate the look with them n they Miss the Mark there every time….(2) There’s no connection With the theme like no apart from wear Kors, Hello where u going somewhere else…       Let’s start with Shawn…1) the Mix & Match of black is unforgivingly poor..2) Last night’s white look seems very very Harry Styles as if the themes was Harry Styles…3)The necklace he is wearing is what justify American teenager choice With motorcycle edge but overall it’s Boring…!    

  Now Camilla the skirts seems fine, sequence too feel Hollywood glam of 70’s & 80’s but again way Boring for any carpet coming from Camilla could av highlighted her take in much better aspects truly

Naomi Osaka who wore Louis Vuitton to me seems like the gowns was wearing her… I don’t understand the concept goings on here or the hair or the make up… construction too feel sloppy With lots happening with cut, Ruffles to harness…was it a reference to flowers…?a painting…..?any tribe…? Was confused until found out that she was paying homage to two Cultures Japanese & Haitian as She further justifies how America is home to Many Culture which I couldn’t agree less…
I feel could have chosen Rai, Yoji, Off White, Zac or Peter Do or any of the Denim look’s from Jean Paul Gautier… being the co-host… Orr the Moschino collection of fast food The McDonald one…. but this….🥲

Naomi Osaka who wore Louis Vuitton

Leon Bridges in cow boy aesthetic the farm guy take is sweet & rather too simple at least not boring like other men’s in black. The playing of blues is good confused with the pearl on trouser. Although I feel if or should have represented the white stars from the flag in anyways to make it cohesive would have been great …

Leon Bridge

Lewis Hamilton 2021 met

Lewis Hamilton in Custom Kenneth Nicholson, Theo Phillio, Jasonrembert Sheer shirt dress with that red Button detailing is gorgeous but styling I am not getting what is the direction. Could have incorporated some American fabric to complement or technique…maybe pairing it with athlesiure or youth oriented liking…

Gigi in Custom Prada, Prada definitely spoilt her. In Old Hollywood styled with red Hair as the Cartoon Character Jessica Rabbit are we dressing up for Oscar or something Ma’am ….?

The bodice with the corset detail doing on fits perfectly which is cool about the look & those gloves spicing up definitely but the Asymmetric neckline with the black bra let underneath was it necessary …?

Along with the Hollywood glam this look some how looks vogue ready to me, I mean the way back then when glammed close up shoot of super model was what vogue aimed for …

Spoilt in Prada
Anna in Oscar DelaRenta

The Channel girl going Oscar de larenta was Quite a change for everyone coming from Anna who usually opts for Channel on Met Specifically each year. The gown with signature flower print was a Homage to her dear friend Mr. Renta who loved Gardening, by opting specifically an American designer & justifying the theme with understanding & execution…

Although are the flowers on the dress what Mr. Renta preferred is what i would like to know coz that will be Cherry on the top…Anna also felt cute & friendly with those tier & ruffle going on …just saying …

I Don’t entirely like the work of Roach here, Although Addison was wearing Gucci from 2003 Collection which could be the reference to Tom Ford era in Gucci along with the red Colour, customized with pleated detail this outfit is don’t nothing apart from the perfect fit of the bodice ……

Its also sick that how much celebs are crazy for this look like Kourteny & Haile rocking it as custom earlier ……

There wasn’t much I was expecting from Tik-tokker in term of fashion (though Kourteny have a subtle influence on Addison which I’m thankful for) but at least they could have incorporated that some sort of there style or influence ….

Red Gucci Gown from 2003 The it Girl of Fashion in 2021 …… 🙂
Another day another Maria’s Dior

Cara in Maria’s Dior doing fun in politics ….

🙂 , ok next

Hamish Bawels Vogue editor Dressed in Thome Browne referenced to statue Of Liberty was Comically good …with that Thome Browne Shoe detail i wish to see illustration of statue of liberty in Thome Browne…..

overall a chrisp,clean Exective & gender friendly look ……

If You are Avoiding Thom Construction detail u in Trouble for sure get help …..

Thome Browne Muse

Kendal Jenner As Audery Hepburne

Kendall in Givenchy Custom Hand Worked Gown Referencing Audrey Hepburn from “My fairy Lady “1964 by Cecil Beaton, I mean yes its definitely what she opts for time after time could have recreated any other look which could have given more American reference …

I wonder how would’ve Audrey react to a sheer interpretation of her look ….

Initially i really wanted to skip the Tiktokker part but the look & the silhouette & the Designer made me do it …

So Dixie wearing Valentino a non American Designer could have gone right if she Could have referenced Jackie Kennedy For she was the person to popularize Valentino in America …der Sure is the era reference reaching here but getting chopped before making it worthy ….

Apart from that i don’t expect anything from her as i don’t really connect to her red carpet , actual life style

Dixie in Valentino couture

Going to work finding out driver dropped you at the Met Also i cant be wrong coz the pic itself radiate same energy

Yes yes Then There Is Justin Bieber in Drew self Promoting I Wonder is this The definition Of Lexicon for Justin or did he not take a day off From work ….

Men in same Tux (Always)

Well There is a Problem Anna could you Please take care that Met is Not disrespected by such people Who shows up in Black Saint Laurent Dress & thinking its appropriate or in other words in any kind of boring dress or black boring tux. this energy is Harmful Please ….

” Miranda Prisely stare …

that’s all

back to work “

Dear Saint Laurent Please don’t approve such look for met

Hope next Met will be interesting with all attendees taking it in serious fun manner …… Thank you ..!

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