Met Gala 2021: ” In America A Lexicon To Fashion” Part 1 Celebs Who Understood The Assignment.

Met Gala 2021: Themed ” In America A Lexicon To Fashion” Part 1- Rayden

Met’s return is one thing which a lot were waiting for. After the Cancellation last year, the theme and Concept this year is divided in two half’s, First that took place on September 13th ‘In America: A Lexicon to Fashion’ & second ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion‘ taking place in May 2022. Met is not only prestigious for the fact that each celeb is dressed by the Biggest Fashion Houses in the World with outfit customized & made for them for that evening but Also Fashion Medium to express it in ways personalized to Individual. Met’s theme has always oriented to Avant Garde Creations, Amalgamation of art & Fashion’s one of a kind monstrosity which is beyond imagination, which needs to be cherished, preserved. Grabbing the Attention of press & anyone’s who see it. With Anna Wintor Being the main host each year. This year the Carpet opened with the March & the Stairs were kept white painted green flower on both side & off course the bushes on each sides.

Why America..?

Andrew Bolton Curator In charge of the Costume institute had a perfect timing even if all the planning goes before hand he has an aura to match the now in every theme he finalize & now wasn’t any different. Bolton went for this theme because “The Main One Was The Fact That The American Fashion Community Has Been Supporting Us For 75 Years, Really Since The Beginning Of The Costume Institute, So I Wanted To Acknowledge Its Support, Also to Celebrate & Reflect Upon American Fashion”.-Bolton.

The theme also needed a revisiting from 1998’s “American Ingenuity” for the massive changes it has gone since then may it be Social ,Political, Artistic etc…which I feels justifies the fact considering the Young Emerging Designers, Changes that had occurred since Pandemic to the recent New York Fashion week, to the way how America boost Gender fluidity, to Body Positivity to name a few. Even though I’m not American but America is Always Such a Emotion in everything and home to fashion revolution may it be Athlesiure ,or Denim or beauty, or hip hop , underground culture, Subculture, Movies, Home to Hollywood which can be felt no matter who or where you are it just feels a treasure of richness , purity & acceptance on a massive scale.

While the Second part will decode American Stories in museums period room examine fashion history with regards to gender ,race etc… Considering all of this the main objective was capturing all of this emotions in the part one which this Celebes nailed…

Justifying American Independence….!

Although this year was very very Dull in terms of energy & what seemed like a confusion in understanding such broad idea of America serving bluntly looks from the American flag’s colours ,or recreating iconic looks as if it was Hollywood glam Halloween ,to celeb not knowing anything and vaguely say what makes it American is an American wearing it ,few raised above the mark and surprising enough men didn’t disappoint this time at least a few ones. While I feel American fashion is all about versatility ,practicality, modernity ,capitalist Simplicity.

To me respecting the theme was to (1)To Put Fashion in the Point of View From American Perspective , (2) Wearing American designer, (3) Presenting American History from different Genres. Well this Article contains those who ticked those points ….

So grab a Comfortable spot & Enjoy … 🙂

American Fashion

So where do I even begin with, Met without Zac Posen is A Sin, is Unimaginable. Although this year there were only 2 Celebs in Zac to me Zac still Stole the Event Time And Time Again.

Debi Harris wearing Zac Posen is so Phenomenally Good for not only it hits the mark with being An American perspective, wearing American designer, wearing history is a clear winner for many reasons.

Zac posen is known for his perfection in terms of construction, playing with fabric, Creating Masterpiece after Masterpiece for not only collection but for several met galas ..(You Can Check This post where i covered previous galas And Zac Posen )

This Look is perfection in the way its constructed As A Ball gown with visible crinoline & stripes of red & white Fabric creating the flag detail leaving it distressed and creating shape adding the most American fabric Denim as the bodice is way to go, without making it look outdated in anyway. Living up as American Ballroom Dream

Debi Harris In Custom Zac Posen.

Ciara in Peter dundas
Geoffrey Beene jersey dress

Ciara Wearing Peter Dundas Is One Of The Kind & Such An Eye Soothing from all the Red, Blues & White AND Black (the men who think they wearing basic black tux is way for Met do me a favor Enjoy fashion find yourself a brand that match your aesthetic or JUST stay home ) going on the carpet.

Although Dundas is Not An American He did a pretty sick job By Creating the look Inspired from Russel Wilson’s Seattle Seahawk Jersey making it a Sequins Gown pretty subtle, simply American. Which is also inspired from Geoffrey Beene who was an American designer know for Comfortable dresses around the 60’s & the man who created a jersey dress back then. On top of that accessorizing it with Rugby ball bag Her Husband’s Super Bowl Ring & clique hair & make up.

Effortlessly clique.

K Pop Artist ChaeLincl In Custom Alexander Wang Was A wearable Take on Simplicity of Denim , Balancing Lounge & evening wear in Youth Friendly Manner.

Alexander’s Active aesthetic Is Giving life to the high low , sleeve volume, that edgy knot, highlighted denim Stiches on paneling, distressed hem ,overall Creating a Silhouette that is Celebrating her body even tho she is tiny.

Although this look got trolled for whatever reason it to me is a wonderful look … she is not even loosing her Korean culture or her style. Which exactly means when following up for a theme .

ChaeLincl in alexander Wang

Karlie Kloss in Carolina Herrara

Can finally say that, Karlie is looking America Right in the Eye ..(if u know u know :))

This look in particular is Inspired by Red Rose Which is The National Flower of America. Designed by Carolina Herrara the fabric looks reach with the spiral detail on the sleeves creating petal although looked McQueen-ish is interesting with the draped skirt & sharp cleavage is just balancing the softness on the top.

One thing about Karlie whether is matches the theme or concept of an event she always be true to her model Style Sense. As in She knows what silhouette she should go with Like Always ..!1 thing which I Respect about her. That’s why I feel somewhere down the line she never really experiment from her glam style.

I don’t really think I need to Say anything about the Clutch … 🙂

How can we talk about Versace without mentioning Gianni. Although he was Italian he was always inspired by American Elements May it Be Fashion or the sub Culture. Merging it together with his Italian take & bringing Exquisite masterpieces. Which I respect from Donatella the way she reference him back with his previous works that’s what exactly I’m getting her n what makes it American for me is the take from biker Subculture Leather Skirt giving a feminine touch & Stiffness of Corset with House staple Details. No Doubt its Not that monstrous but nor are any of the looks this Year as Avant Garde to previous year but it still is not any less American.

Do I need to mention How they are complimenting each other may it be Due to other colour of the flag or Versace or the intersection of sub cultures. Quite nice to See Maluma in Cowboy Aesthetic with the fringe although I don’t like d gold Detailing of studs but its a good look for the fit could be cool for any other carpet but not good enough on this.

Donatella & Maluma in Versace
Billie Eilish in Oscar Delarenta

Its the First Time Billie Eilish is Seen Dressed in A Ball Gown Which was Interesting…… As it Justifies, Narrates a Whole new Side of Her, It felt Like she was free.

The Corset just fits her perfectly, With the classic Detailing & that Gigantic Tule In A Soft gradient Combining American Fairy Tale & that hair & jewels Depicting American icon Marilyn Monroe. She also told at the interview that her dress was inspired from Holiday Barbie But More Specifically Marilyn N Grace Kelly. Oscar De La Renta, was the Designer of the look, which brought a change for them to go Fur Free, As said by her That she will only wear the brand if they will go Fur Free.

Back to the look previous of her look mostly have her outfits match her hair, or at least her Album This blonde Side i feel will bring her soft Pastel Side I feel.

Grimes Was one of my Personal Fav looking a Fantasy Knight Of A Video Game For (1) She was Art , Futuristic (2) Political (3)Historic (4) INTRESTING …!! She was Wearing the Queen Irish Van Harper which took approx. like 900-10000 Hr. of Making With all the hand, laser technique. Also she seems the Only person Along side Finneas To have A mask As The Look & These year Props Are a Go To as She was Carrying 2 of Them First being the book which was reference to American Novel June & second Being the Sword The sword was about confusing to me but I don’t know if its correct or not I read from one of an article that if people don’t need there guns the can molded it down to medieval swords

Grimes in Iris Van Harper

Dan Levy In Loewe By Jonathan Anderson

Dan Levy Looked A piece from the Museum & worth for Museum for (1) The Construction detail of Loewe (2) Incorporating American painter David Wojnarowic’s 1684 painting Fuck You Faggot Fuckker Which feature 2 mens making out, A Take on Gender Right & on the map collaged .

It was a wearable Avant Garde Creating a fun sleeve silhouette although some how the proportion makes him look shorter but ill take this look not to skip the Shoe Embellishments I mean Please !! All those Boring guys takes note we don’t need you to go similar but like celebrate fashion & art.

The only reason this look is on this article is because it could have made better if anyone else would have worn this it would still make it on to this list. But from JLo I expect more rather doing a look which is done million times in different way …

This look is Ralph Lauren American designer CHECKED inspired from Cowboy Culture CHECKED with tribal Work going onto it CHECKED Accessories Acrogenously with her staple style That’s All …

Should Have digged deep n & created A fun silhouette, Although Ralph is All bout timeless piece now was the time to innovate atleast for the Met …

Thank you.

JLo in Ralph Lauren

KIm in Balenciaga

This look Could have been more fun if Kim Would have literally not have done million look similar to this prior Met but it still to me make sense tho received a lot of Sarcasm.

Kim was wearing Balenciaga Couture look which was a take on Tee shirt in a dramatic way …..

Here’s my Thought

(1) Kim is all bout body & image & a figure of American fashion considering the Kardashian, how they have influenced Shapes, fashion, Beauty. To me this look resembled a silhouette of a figure which Is nothing less than a logo a clear view of who a person is like in other words recognizing the person by its silhouette is something iconic. which is clearly achieved here due to her personality & personality only…

(2) she is iconic herself which can be seen in her work ,her style here is modest compared to her previous look yet true to her….more lik no one really saw her but yet everyone knew who is way making it clear that the king of impact she has on the world.

Construction seamless, fits her like second skin mixing her edge to American simplicity of athlesiure.

Saweetie in Custom Christian Cowan is again not Met appropriate but what can we do as it still is important for the importance , meaning it holds …..

Firstly, the construction & the cuts amplifying the Proportions looking sculpture worthy the fabric dripping with the shine, Fall Colour DELICIOUSLY DANGEROUS like Wow flaunting her in a cool way especially, the Asymmetric balance that Cowan n Captured.

Secondly the Trails one side representing Black Culture in same Fabric & other side Filipino Flag which touched her root ….Again connecting to her self without loosing style identity is something few can do but i still wish der is more experimentation to it next time … 🙂

Saweetie in Christian Cowan

Eva Chen in CJR

Eva Chen Rocked Christopher John roger Capturing the hope & joy that America needed during the changes taking along different moment whether past or present An Optimistic take to have a future that has faith in everyone each colour representing emotion beyond words somewhere incorporating the motorcycling vibe to highlighting brands signature was worthy.

Pete Davidson in custom Thom Browne reinterpreting Jackie Kennedy is Quiet awesome….Jackie Kennedy the First Lady who’s style was Sophisticated chic, With Monochrome, Suit look’s, Piping details, Boxy silhouette form 60’s,  Accessories that were minimalistic is channeled in such a crispy was by Pete … Also the Tailoring of Thom can never go wrong. The way he did a greater job of highlighting the details from lapel to buttons to toning it down to the stripe sock n that Thom shoe to capturing Just about right boxy not forgetting the contrast collar that was the staple of Jackie which show’s Just on point …
All this without loosing the playful style of Pete  Orr loosing Brand’s Identity…Somewhere down the lines it’s a perfect look of Men at the Met….

Pete Davidson In Thom Browne As Jackie Kennedy
Jeremy O Harris In Custom Tommy Hilfiger

Jeremy O Harris In Custom Tommy Hilfiger was a dream come true to Jeremy for the way how he always dreamed & adored the American designer since childhood narrating his Lexicon as a teen self in Hilfiger’s Extravagant Street ensemble.

Asap’s Lexicon was Heart warming As he was wearing the blanket which was quilted by Erl’s Grandma in South California & donated to an Antique/thrift store. This is what walking the Met should Look, Feel. Celebrating Homegrown Art, Crafts of the country spreading message world wide.

Asap Rocky Rocked Auctioned Blanket

Lorde In Bode

To be Honest Lorde sparked my interest since 73 Question with Vogue & I’m Happy she did not disappoint me for the met she not only respected the met but also understood the assignment to the tea.

She was wearing Bode which is known for repurposing fabric for Men line. Covered Women’s wear by dressing Lorde in 2 piece set which had hand worked pressed pennies, 1920’s cabochons,1940 cracker Jack Charms all up cycled here. Capturing Lordes Divine (some where down the line it feels heavenly bodies but giving her interpretation of lexicon like this its excusable), minimalistic Experimental Vibes Preciously.

And I’m just soo Obsessed with the shoe she is wearing

Lupita to me was best dressed in denim to me. The gown was Simple but those Number of paneling in designed Strips Contrast stitch A take on American fabric which was part of Street, hip hop Culture & making it evening & contrast of Denim just right separating the look from straight to flare was WELL DONE & if you saying you din see the hair or don’t like the Hair You need help …!

Versace did A great Job for Lupita Nuongo

Teyana Taylor in Prabal Gurung

This look by Teyana Taylor in Prabal Gurung Is incredible from the meaning it holds to celebrating the Black Culture. The silhouette is so Fierce with the intricate detailing resembling the molded structure as if she is a modern day Warrior.

There’s no way one can imaging Lil Naz without Versace on the Carpet. This guy came in a three look set custom made putting a show on the carpet which was very appreciated as it also was not only a nod his story of coming out but also to Gender, people of Colour reference to culture. Each pieces rich in Heritage, Softness(feminine) Stiff (Masculine) Screaming Art . I also feel his Album Aesthetic was not missed her at all …

The fist look resembled the outer side of once self like how they portrait it to the world, Second being a protective shied, Third to final acceptance & being fierce in self ..!

Lil Naz in Versace
Amanda Gorman in Vera Wang

That Blue just suits her so Gorgeous with the Blues as Liberry & 25 stars from the fags highlighting her face connected her to the flag Amanda’s Inaugural Poetic aesthetic was Such A highlight with the book she was carrying by Edie Parker that Read “Give Us Your Tired” referencing the line in “The New colossus” relating it back to American literature. the starry eye make up just went fine along with that Hair. Silhouette nothing more than Prom CJR would Have worked wonder for her

The look by Iman sure captured the right attention on the carpet it resembled the ray of hope & happiness, the was its constricted by keeping the main gown underneath wear simple reference to American gowns from the 70’s in Gold & spicing thing up by the Crinoline skirt that is wore on top matching the head piece surly referencing the American tribes & craftsmanship What also was interesting was that both Harris & Iman coordinated each other to the tea.

Iman in Harris Reed & D&g
Keke in sergio Hudson

KeKe’s Dress is again rather to simple for this event but it was American Lexicon as she was wearing Sergio Hudson who we got to see rock while President Biden’s inauguration for Kamala Harris reference the new Era of Fashion & Politics. Also referencing back to Diana Ross.

America & taxes is always a Conversation starter as taxes do play an important place in American politics but this take was rather a flat look with just letters patched on An white gown nothing cool what so ever.

Alexandria osacio Cortez political in Brother Ville

Silhouette its new coming from Kia Gerber Who Wore Oscar De la Renta referencing back to Bianca Jaggers 1981 Look from Met. The vibe Kia wanted to go was Elegant, which I respect but Met in anything but Elegant was basic.

The Empire take with the delicate detailing of the lace flowers An amazing fitting of the constructed bodice waist hem popping out creating that shape was lovey but tooooo mild for met. And lets not see that watch.

Kia Gerber in Oscar
Bianca Jagger 1981 Met Gala

Carolyn B Maloney Advocating ERA As An Art

Carolyn B Maloney was a muse in political Category the 75 yr. old playing tribute to 19th Amendment passed on June 4th by Congress In 1919 ratified in August 18 1920 granting equal rights to American women was very impactful with the prop that said Era(Equal Right Amendment) Yes in regards to current times along with the colorful trails in violet, Yellow Green Saying equal rights for women was quite great ….

Not to forget the silhouette bouncing between the silhouetted of 1920 & modernizing it with todays simplicity with the political draping of sash in cris cross

Lili Reinhart in Custom Siriano would be missed if she would have not explained that the gown was inspired from 50 official flower from American States all hand worked n placed in an cascading way amplifying her silhouette. What’s beautiful here is the sheerness of the pint fabric which is collaged with those colorful flower keeping it feminine with old saying of pink ….

Although Soriano’s work don’t feel original a lot of times nor is it showing here but its looking good overall with the drapes, corset lines exaggerated hips almost making it look like an hour glass on which flowers are bloomed

Lili Reinhart In Christain Siriano as An hourglass of Bloomed Official Flowers of State
Kid Cudi An animated Character at the met

Kid Cudi in Louis Vuitton is definitely giving me toy story , Hip Hop, atleisure , music a whole lot of America lets start with the buzz cut green hair & smoky eye promoting freedom of men’s makeup, art , positivity. the Jumper very American almost any guy’s staple from America casual & street to the trouser giving he’s impression of denim patch works that was popular back in 2000’s. Accessories as hip hop. Colours very youth oriented. Shoe could have been more chunkier …over all an amazing look from a guy

Hunter Schafer channeling 90’s Grunge, romantic horror, sci-fi & bit of Euphoria along with American futuristic movie-ish look was doing great job With the art as in the hair, make up, nails, accessory but the outfit by Prada isn’t anything to be happy about.

Hunter Schafer in Prada

Overall This Year’s Gala felt more like an Amalgamation of The Camp & Heavenly Bodies some how with blankly flooding the carpet with majority of Red looks Above were really Worthy this Year.

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