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Oscars 2022 Red Carpets: Heavily Influenced with Futuristic Minimal, A Way to Modern Red Carpet Fashion.

-by Rayden

Oscars 2022 held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on 28th March, brought some of the best Celebs to the Red Carpet Fashion. Through out the ages it revolve around being Sophisticated, Minimal, Glam, Hollywood, Costume each year celebs pull look that experiments with their personal style without loosing there Personality.

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There was no Doubt that the Celebrity brought there best aspect of there Persona with Glamorous & Luxurious looks that are Modern & Independent of thereselves. As usual majority opted Black Colour Palette ( Staying the Classic Playing safe or Experimenting with the silhouette Or Merging enough with Bodyguard dress code (the Men Obviously). while Hue of Pink from being Pale to Floral to Electric were also enjoyed (Since most recent runway look had Pink, for psychological reason of how calming the color is & depending on the anxiety they may face while attending such events is quite justifying). Some also rocked Bright Reds but not really interesting enough for the carpets. Interesting Hues of Jewel tones & accent Colours also were the top choice this year from the attendees.

Best Red Carpet looks of the Oscars 2022

Jada Pinkett Smith At the Oscar 2022

Oscar 2022 Red Carpets Jada Smith

Jean Paul Gautier retired from Couture, bringing guest designers to continue every season started by Chitose Abe Creative director of Sakai. To the Most recent Couture collection Designed by Glenn Martin from Y Project. Jada wore this beautiful dress, From this Couture collection which literally tops off all the look. For the way its so magnificent in its own right from the impeccable Deep Emerald Green that is further Roached throughout the Body creating definition, Fitting So Perfectly progressing down to A Beautiful Volume of fabricated trail that looks like mountain with all the Pinching & technicality. Styled So Sharply with minimal Statement Earing & green heel following the same colour palette. So Oscar, So Camp

Timothee Chalmette At the Oscar 2022

Oscar 2022 Red Carpets Timothee Chalmette

Elevating Black look with the help of Textured Fabrics, Cuts Creating Proportion, Strategic male Cleavage. Notes taken from Timothee Chalmette in Louis Vuitton is beautiful. The Trouser fits so refine creating Sharp minimal fit, Cropped Bolero kind of Jacket with playful peeking of Lace adding Soft touch to the look Creating lines & Dimensions. Accessorizing it up with White Jewelry Catching the attention & giving movement to the look so well put together. A very Soft & Natural Portray.

Kodi Smith At the Oscar 2022

Oscar2022 Red-Carpets Kodi Smith

Ditching the Classic Boring Rules of Men Fashion Through out the Oscar & bringing more Modern, Futuristic, Happy & interesting look. Has to be Kodi Smith in Bottega Veneta, No Doubt. This Look is Genius. For the Beautiful Pale Powder Blue Tone which is classic Suiting but elevated with the Shiny Lapel Perfectly fitting Trouser, A crisp Constructed Shirt & interesting Placement of the Buttons. Bonus goes to the Short Metallic necklace instead if a tie or Bow & the Shoe stopper is the Shoe choice for matching it to there aesthetic of the Suit with the Beautifully Bumpy Texture & a Clear outline of black to Elevate the Shoe. The look Altogether is Exceptionally Modern.

Andrew Garfield At the Oscar 2022

Keeping the Old Classy Attitude But Adapting it to Interesting is Andrew Garfield In Saint Laurent for replacing the Black Tux with Velvet in Burgundy Fitting absolutely fine with fit What is more interesting is the Pussy bow Blouse that is paired with the velvet for the fact its sheer & brings Back the whole idea of Saint Laurent & how the Sheer Shirt where Associated with his idea of male Wardrobe. Sophisticatedly Elevated

Meghan thee Stallion At the Oscar 2022

Gaurav Gupta is pretty amaze when it comes to highlighting A Simple Bodycon Dress / Gown with the structural Forms with Various materials adding Wow to the Look. Considering Meghan The way she Only Gravitate towards Body Con (But to be honest non of the look by far did Justice to her, But this by Far the Best Look) Especially Down from the Waist Beautifully Cut Slit Longing to the trail which has the Forms Cascading like Blooming Flower is different for her yet so made for her. The Colour also impeccable Bouncing light Creating Saturation as Per the Texture The Bead Etc. So red carpet Friendly. although A fine Neckpiece Would be great. the Hair the shoe. Cant Get enough of this Look. Personality Check Brilliance.

Rickey Thompson At the Oscar 2022

Oscars 2022 Rickey Thompson Red carpet Look

Rickey wearing GCDA, definitely had a vision gets busy with tooo many details the Structured upper half with the Drape is pretty with Slight splatter of Colorful Beads, the Hem of sleeve is Also pretty interesting, the bustline is also amazingly Finished what makes the look Doubty, is the Nude Net that doesn’t match the skin & colorful beads that looks too much creating the Rib Shape taking away the sophistication of the look. trouser in same Velvet fabric would have be such a Nice Choice. Straight off the Future.

Billie Eilish At the Oscar 2022

Oscars 2022 Red carpet Billie Eilish

Billie progressing in her transition from the Oversized era to more Ballgown looks. Dressed in Gucci looks interesting for its Not something like The Corset takes that she went for past few looks but more of her experimenting with layers & texture gravitating much abstract forms. Gucci definitely was a n ice choice though, keeping it black to focus the Construction & Silhouette is nice. I really like how the outfit is again matched to the Hair Colour . its one of the styling from Billie I Absolute Adore. The dark silhouette.

Maggie Gyllenhaal At the Oscar 2022

Maggie Gyllenhaal Red Carpet Oscars 2022

Giving structure to the Simple Black dress looking so Geometric & defined at the Neck, Bust, Waist , Hip with a length that is just right is Stunning in its own right. Daniel at Schiaparelli is & will Always Be the Best Choice for Understanding & interpreting Elsa’s work always in mind-blowing since. here is just another one where the abstract gold charms placed at certain points hyping the plain structed dress doing wonders to Maggie. So beautiful for Oscars. Effortlessly Geometric Perfect.

Amy Schumer At the Oscar 2022

Amy Schumer Red Carpet Oscar 2022

A Very basic Choice but wat interest this look is the Emphasis of the Bow which goes back to the Trompe l’oeil – (Knitted Bow Printed (trick of an Eye just for décor by Elsa herself) Bringing the Fun & Comedic Essence of Amy in this Oscar de la Renta gown. Only Concern is if the Bow Could have been replaced with something else for it feels quite done . The Elsa effect.

Lupita Nyuong At the Oscar 2022

Lupita Nyoung oscar 2022 Red Carpets

Interestingly this years Oscar had A great influence from the history or the elements of designs from the Past just like here, Lupita Wearing Prada. So Beautiful when it comes to creating the contrast in terms of Color So Vibrant with her skins, making the fabric so intense for not only the sequence but the tassel effect that goes all over the gown with the subtle Pink Flower details A Typical Prada way of Ugly chic. is so gorge. Keeping the Styling so Simply fresh is A next Genius Move. Sparkling Devine

Zendaya At the Oscar 2022

Zendaya Red Carpets Oscar 2022

No Doubt that Zendaya Always Serves the Carpet with Law in Valentino & this is no different the Cropped Shirt variating as the armor crafting shapes at the midriff but Formal enough for being sophisticated for Oscar in A street manner going down to the Beautiful silver skirt with a Beautiful trail screaming simplicity in Zendaya fashion. Styled up in Beautiful Fine Jewels complimenting the Silver & white Color Palate with Fine Hair 7 make up. A Beautiful Modern warrior.

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