Vanity fair after party 2022 red Carpets

Vanity Fair Oscar After Party 2022: Exploring Fashion

-by Rayden

  • Vanity Fair Oscar After Party 2022 Out shined the Oscars Bring more Fun & Seriousness by Exploring Fashion. Where stars switched there Look From being Sophisticated Old Glam to Giving more sneak peak to there actual take on Fashion. Winning not only award but Personalities & switching Themselves to a different Version From Day to Night.

Vanity Fair Oscar After Party look Genuinely brought Show Stopper looks. With idea Heavily revolving around Black, White, Gold, red, Pastel( Colour) Gowns, Suits, Editorial, Proportion( Style of Dressing) Feather Sequence, & more (Fabric).

Best Dressed at Vanity Fair Oscar After Party 2022:

From Sheila Atim, Sophie Turner, Rita Ora, Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, Daisy Jones, Elsa Hosk, Julia Fox, Sarah Paulson, Dan Levi, Janelle Monae all having fun in stunning looks to more having great potential.

Red Carpet Fashion

Best Red Carpet Looks From Vanity Fair Oscar After Party. Best Looks So far From All the Award Shows That had taken Place this year.

Joe Jones & Sophie Turner – Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton recent collection is custom made for Sophie Turner in this Bright red couldn’t get any Better. For it brings more Dimension with the Bump without just being Bluntly Gathered or flared out. Although the sophistication is too plain but not too bad. The fact both of them are complimenting each other is 100 percent.

The idea of creating illusion/ contrast by adding dark & light color as outlined is going on for a long time but restricted to only women’s to give them a desired curve shape or Make them look slim by the wavy way it’s done on Joe Jonas and With the addition of pearls takes the breath away creating a surreal contouring that is fading in and fading out with the necklace that connects is beautiful.

Complimenting Maternity Muse.

Rita Ora – Miss Sohee


This is the first time I’m genuinely loving Rita’s Carpet fashion it’s not bluntly Just any Designer or any looks it holds so much interesting things. So she is wearing Miss Sohee who is a Korean designer and the black Gown fitting so nicely with the only embellishment details on the neck not taking away the actual detail that is on the Cape she wearing the Ivory Cape With giant sleeves emphasizing her silhouette falling down to a beautiful trail that has embroidery inspired by Minwa Art from Josen Era in South Korea where artist used to create scenery is captured so beautiful.

Statement while Educating Culture

Hunter Schafer – Rick Owens


Rick Owens has grown to be a choice when it comes to Carpets recently which is so interesting and more interesting to see Hunter schafer in it a simple fitted fishtail Gown that is in cement grey further creating an illusion and emphasis the curves With Beige patch neckline so ahead of time and extra points to the hair and makeup the entire look so editorial and modern for to be real.

A Ghostly Camouflaged with High Fashion.

Sheila Atim – Prada


Sheila Atim looks so powerful in the Bell shaped dress which has awkward sleeve length bodice so perfectly made to fit as if its her second skin. The way the skirt flair and create the Bell structure and the colour so interesting on her only concern is the unnecessary use of the black leather belt. She Looks Stunning Bold in the Look so Iconic, Powerful, Creative, Camp, Serving !!

Spicy in RED

Jeanne Cadieu – Loewe


Jonathan Anderson way of incorporation art on his recent runway revolved around abstract 3D forms that take over the body and create a beautiful center spicing up a normal silhouette which is exactly what is happening here with Jeanne Cadieu another simple black dress with interesting twist, sophisticated, modern Styled to d point With that’s purse.

Pulling art Off

Dan Levi – Dior


It’s not a case where men’s don’t have cool options when it comes to choosing a look for events for a fact there are designer Who brings fresh innovative looks every season. Just like that Dan Levi never misses a Mark to elevate and this Kim Jones Dior look freshly incorporate Fresh colour With the element of shaping the waist by tailored sash Styled knot. A printed shirt that looks like wallpaper paired with a fine diamond necklace and glasses effortless cool. Perfect to Rock without loosing the Chills.

Refreshed Tailoring.

Hailey Bieber – Saint Laurent

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Hailey Bieber wearing Saint Laurent is nothing new but this looks is quite different in a nice way. It builds excitement With the roaching in Beige quite different from her Street colour palette making it look sophisticated and new with the accent of statement gold focal point at center of the waist and wrists. Balanced properly elongating her silhouette With partitioned way hair.

Nailing Futuristic Minimalism

Janelle Monae – Christian Siriano

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

It’s different take from Christian’s Tule & Ball Gowns & I feel it Should be taken ahead too, also looks interesting on Janelle Monae cinching d right places creating right focal point the cutout Also contouring the body to Look beautiful. ( Circles at the waist till Crotch is only thing that Should Have be edited or reduced so that wouldn’t intersect the Cutout detail )

Elevation of Lil black Dress

Laura Harrier – Off White

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Laura Harrier in recent Virgil work in off-white a nod to Virgil ( not really a fan of Polka dots in first place) but really Love bodice Construction for shaped & creating clear outline with differences in sizes of the Polka dots. The contrasting shinning Polka doted skirts eventually goings down as massive train is where it goes doubtee not that it’s not nice but could be more refined if the silhouette would be stiffer or flounced better instead of Pulled asymmetric.

Glammed in 50’s Moodboard.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Schaperille

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Maggie Gyllenhall in Schiaparelli bring back archival Ella’s works the way the mirror are placed creating Focus ( the way Elsa used to incorporate Surreal art Motifs & Play Along with the Placement, Repetition, embellishment) on beautiful structured blazer & skirt set. Its As if A Blank Canvas with this beautiful design detail.

Archival Baddie.

Lori Harvey – Tony Ward

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Another way fabric took the Centre Stage was by Lori Harvey in Tony Ward. Fabric Creating a Beautiful Still Extension of a Gown, Keeping her Body the Highlight With the Lights Reflecting so great due to the Colour kept Muted & the Sheerness & additional detail of well fitted body suit crusted Bodice with wires Creatives Loops which feels lil unnecessary for the construction of the gown itself look Dope & Defined.

Stepped up in Texture.

Sarah Paulson – Bottega Veneta

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Minor details that Sarah Paulson brought in Bottega Veneta is Fresh and Editorial, so refreshing capturing layers in the pale yellow from long fringes to shorter high low paneled skirt adds a moment to be paired with crisp White Tee and additional shimmering gloves. Love the colour palette, Love the fabrics, Love the editorial Fun happening.

Stylist With Design Details.

Tessa Thompson – Schaperillie

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Tessa Thompson bring Toile piece from Schiaparelli that is constructed on the Idea of abstract proportion. Keeping the look blank With White and Black. The way the lapel forms this marvelous structure around the neck truly effortless completing the look With tights and fitted Bermuda is fun and functional. Bring awesome attention with details may it be the silhouette, layers, cut.
A sure elevating look for an after party.

Julia Fox – Han Kjobenhavn

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Julia Fox in Han Kjobenhavn Who does These crazy cool looks utilizing fabrics that fit a great audience with Artistic Avant Garde. The details on the leather that follows the seams going parallel in a dangerous halter that has such detailed hand holding neck is so edgy the gloves and the wig bag to adding a cohesive extra edge & experimental vibe that Julia brings with of course the statement dark eyes. One of my favorite top look of the evening. for experimenting into some new character with staying true to self & choosing cool Designer t o top the look.

Victorian Goths are Shaking.

Zendaya – Sportmax

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

It’s not a Surprise to be served by Zendaya, at the Vanity Fairs Oscar After Party it’s clear Zendaya Also Dresses THE BEST than most men every dressed. I mean where’s the lie. Going Sophisticated in Sportsmax, Pants so crisp and fitting great, Tux wider at the shoulder cinched at the waist creating a beautiful Bell shaped hip to the contrast of tie & peeking Magenta. So Chris and sharp for the evening.

Guy’s taking notes for next Carpets.

Dakota Johanson – Gucci

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Feathers and sequence were quite a choice for this years Vanity Fair After Party, but Dakota Johnson in Gucci Gown ate other look. There’s a strong Harmony of Gucci layering with the feather and sequence in classical 1940′s Red Carpet Fashion. Attention to the sharp wide shoulder adding Androgen to the Soft pink that reflects light so beautifully & the mate effect from the feathers giving depth through out sleeve. Overall the gradient from the sharpness and clear construction in sequence to massive feathers going flared looks amazing on her. With the peaking of Lilac at the Hem another Gucci treat.

Feather Muse.

Elsa Hosk – Monot

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Elsa Hosk Is One of the Rare Model That Actually Serves The Carpet Every Single Time without take away her personal Essence. Monot, specializing depth & structure through edgy cuts in body hugging Silhouette accessorized with shaped cuts that highlight & creates Art on body. The fusion of Elsa’s Edge & Art through the design is incorporated so finely well, Bringong out her sharp features in most androgynies edgy manner, balancing strategic flirt expensively falling of the fabric into the Skirt topping it off with up-do & futuristic Chuckie Bangles & clutch.

Effortless Androgyny with edge.

Ciara – Dipesta

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Here’s What I feel when it comes to Ciara, She is a Moment in Body Fit Fish Tail Gowns time & time again. For she absolutely know her body type & choose the designer that works with right. Dipesta on other hand knows her fabrics & how to give life to it. Though previously when she did colour it felt progressing with the wet look technique but here its representing is strikingly nailing with the slight cuts, drapes creating shapes at hip fading out to the lovely trail. Styling of Hair Chic mixing well with the look, minimal jewel adding point of bling. A Wow Look!!

Devine Goddess

Daisy Edgar Jones – Versace

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Daisy Jones was Cutest at the Vanity Fairs Oscar After Party, I mean the Cutest & Fun & SOOO Young !! The recent Versace look that she is wearing, colour palate having a Fresh spin with the Gorgeous Pink & Leaf Green in Ninja Star checkered print (updated Classic fabric) is So Chic. An Absolute fit at the bodice & pretty fit that Shapes the hip area. So lwell made for her body type. Accessorized in the accent ,matching the green cohesively. (only concern the Black Straps , what’s the reason for it)

Pretty Perfection.

Kendall Jenner – Balenciaga

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Demna’s Recent Collection at Balenciaga Plays on the line of Highlighting body with details in Proportion Volumes, Fabric & Silhouette. Which is Getting Popular at the carpet shortly & Kendall Styled in this look is nice but could be better if it was Another look ( for the Crumpled & ugly the Fabric looks ) but again its looking good with terms of Silhouette that has an excess fabric around the bodice creating lovely shape including an inbuilt sleeve progressing to a Subtle trail. the ruffled line at the seam switching into a high low of front skirt bouncing between the bustle & new look era interpreted in modern way by refining the makup to look fresh & attention on the Gown, is absolute love.

Edgy Off the Runway

Timothee ChalmetteAlexander McQueen

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Timothee Experimenting different Styles at the red Carpet is some thing that has been going on for a long time which is Quite interesting. At Vanity Fairs Oscar After Party he went for this biker style in Alexander McQueen, that is serving through the Sharp illusion created with different Shine & Saturation of leather & Denim with additional Biker elements from the pockets, zips, Buttons is lovely. It Highlights his feature so sharp & clear.

Exceptional in Dark details.

Alexandra Daddario – Caroline Herrera

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

When it Comes to Old Hollywood Celebs they just keep it Simple or go Classics, Alexandra choosing entire Black look from Caroline Herrera who is a pretty classic choice considering the biggest names in Hollywood from Jackie Kennedy & more carrying the looks. This look here portraits the same classic elements of Old Oscar giving it a modern take keeping the length sharp, Fitting soo good (her body type is well balanced with strategic drawing the attention smoothly) Sharp V Plunge breaking the smoothness & beautiful Shade of red Toping the look off.

Timeless in Black.

Emiliy Ratajkowski – Armani

Vanity Fair After Party 2022 red carpets

Emily Going for this Armani look for the Vanity Oscars After party by adding the pop of this beautiful Orange ( which is quite a difficult colour to choice that goes perfect with your under tone, will give you that) the construction too of he straight neck corset is impeccably Supreme with the deepest plunge creating clear line of contrast & the net too matching her skin is just prefect also the way the square sequence bounce light creating saturation of the orange. the addition of the Black Palazzo Pants same as the runway doesn’t look as great as on the runway though I enjoy the shimmer of it but not together.

Over all its a serving Look for sure. For not taking her personal edge away. A Tangerine Palette.

That bring us to the end of the review on the Best dressed at the Vanity Fairs Oscar After Party 2022. With so many interesting looks that goes into the history of being iconic.

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